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Charities in Flux: 3 Giving Trends Rising in the UK

Giving is a natural desire that most human beings have. It allows people to feel good about themselves, and it helps society, but the way people give constantly changes. The following are three of the mos interesting trends in giving taking over the UK's giving heart.


1. Digital Approach

As technology improves, people expect things to be simple and more efficient; this includes giving. People want tools to make giving easier, which explains the new digital trend within UK's giving industry.

There are a number of digital tools like the online Donation Form from DonorBox that allows a charitable organization to accept donations from supporters with just a few simple clicks.

It should be pointed out that a significant amount of people are willing to give if organizations use online tools, which could be another reason this trend is spreading.

All this makes sense as most people interact with companies and charities using their smartphones or other smart devices. Some of these individuals find charities by using social media platforms. Charities need to take heed of this by meeting people where they are and offering tools they understand, rather than asking them to call in or send a check.

The truth is, this trend makes a lot of things easier. Charities get their donations faster and are also able to use online tools to record donations, names, and see how money is allocated. This kind of information is pretty important, especially because people are hungry for transparency.

2. Importance of Trust

The heart is usually willing to give and help. There are a lot of causes out there that are worth paying attention to and an endless amount of charities hoping to help. The problem is, many charities are losing donors because there is a lack of trust.

The trust issue probably stems from scandals about charities who have taken advantage of folk's good intentions. This is propelling more charities to do their best to create a sense of trust. The only way this is going to happen is by establishing stronger communication between the public and the charity.

Good communication helps make charities more transparent, which is what the public wants, and this could be done through things like emails and texts.

This could also be done using a membership platform where a charity's members have greater access to what is happening with the charity. Here is where charities can share stats about their donations, members who have given to the charity, how the money is being used, and the completed projects.

A membership platform can be used not only to be transparent but also to ensure that each member is valued effectively. Donors like to give, but they also like to be recognized by the charity or they might feel undervalued.

3. Emerging Social Problems

There is an uglier trend rising that is hurting charities around the UK and in the world. The rise of right wing extremists is making it hard for some organizations to offer the help they want to give.

One type of giving organization that is having a hard time at the moment are the ones willing to help immigrants.

Many places in the world, including the UK, are dealing with people who simply do not want immigrants to enter the country. Some say it is simply because they are breaking the law, but others are linking these actions to good old fashioned hatred.

Right wing extremists have gotten so powerful that some have been able to introduce laws that make it almost unlawful to help someone who is an illegal immigrant. This makes it hard for people who want to help to find an organization that can do so.

This is definitely the kind of trend that people need to fight in order to give people the freedom to help as their hearts desire. Part of the problem with right wing extremism stems from honest frustration. Some of these individuals are tired of losing and are looking for a reason why their lives are not as good as they hoped they'd be. Sadly, the blame falls on immigrants.

These are some trends linked to giving in the UK and a lot of places around the world. Some of these trends are obviously good, but others need to be addressed and solved in an effective way. People still want to give, but they want to be able to give without any hassles, which is the reason charities need to evolve and also get involved in the negative changes taking place in society today.

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