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Four biggest trends impacting the European display advertising industry in 2019

Display advertising continues to thrive across Europe with a total ad spend predicted to hit $17.3 billion across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, increasing by 14.7% from 2018. With technology changing the way online banner ads engage with consumers, display advertising continues to grow in popularity. But are marketers utilising this type of advertising effectively?

Gone are the days of static and generic display ads, with dynamic and personalised adverts generating a much larger reach and increasing consumer engagement. This is essential to making your brand stand out from the crowd in a competitive market.

According to Bannerflow's Display Advertising Trends infographic, there are four key trends marketers should be concentrating on in 2019.


Video display ads allow you to tell a bigger story than a static banner ad and are also known to drive more clicks than any other banner form. The results of using video within a banner ad have proven to increase the click-through rate by an incredible 18.4%. Leading the way with in-banner video are these three European:

Industry impression share of video banners:

  1. Telecom – 27.2%
  2. iGaming – 7.2%
  3. Travel & Hotel – 6.4%

Dynamic creative

In the last decade, display advertising has reached an all-time high with display ads dynamically assembling in real-time based on consumer data such as location, time zone, age and gender etc. This highly-tailored approach adapts to the viewer allowing a specific message to be delivered, driving much higher engagement levels.

Despite this being one of the most effective techniques, only 17.3% of all digital advertising served in 2018 actually used dynamic data feeds, meaning a huge 82.7% of ads are missing out. These three European countries hold the greatest share of dynamic banner usage:

  1. Italy – 20.5%
  2. Germany – 17.6%
  3. Norway – 12.4%


We're spending more and more time on our mobile devices, meaning advertisers need to be

prepared to think of this as their primary opportunity to target their audiences particularly for weekends, holidays and sporting events. 55.2% of all weekend ad impressions happen on mobile devices, dropping down to 45.5% during the week.

Bannerflow suggest designing ads for mobile display first and then rescaling them to fit all other devices.

Banner sizes

Marketers familiar with display advertising will know popular banner sizes have become expensive to buy. There are five banner sizes that clearly dominate European display advertising but savvy marketers should take advantage of less popular sizes in order to reduce costs whilst still targeting the same consumers.

Head of insights at Bannerflow, Antonia Lindmark, commented on these trends…

"Display advertising continues to be a strong weapon in online marketer's arsenal's, in terms of raising awareness and getting customers to discover their website.

"Featuring fresh statistics and expert analysis from Bannerflow, our infographic highlights the biggest trends affecting European display advertising in 2019."

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