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Turkey Proves to be The Hottest Tourist Spot in Europe Once Again

In the year 2018, Turkey recorded a 22% growth in the country's tourism industry, which is not just impressive but also happens to be the highest percentage of growth in the entire European tourism industry.

According to the official report by the European Travel Commission, titled European Tourism in 2018: Trends & Prospects, 47 million foreign travellers visited the Mediterranean nation last year, which is a massive year-on-year increase.

Turkey tourism - Image Pixabay

Turkey Has Recovered Since the Incidents of 2016

The events that took place on July 15, 2016, had severely impacted Turkey's tourism industry, but the European Travel Commission confirms in the report that not only has the country's travel and tourism sector recovered since those days, but Turkish tourism has managed to grow at an unexpected and unprecedented rate in 2018.

An Increased Growth of Russian Tourists in Turkey

A huge increase in Russian travellers has been seen in Turkey, as 6.4 million foreigners from the Eurasian nation visited Turkey in 2018, which is an increase of 1.7 million in the number of tourists, compared to the previous record, which was seen before the 2016 incident.

An Increase in the Average Daily Rate (ADR) of Room Fare

It was observed that due to the increasing popularity of Turkey as a major European destination again in 2018, the Average Daily Rate (ADR) for room rentals was successfully increased by hotels and most other forms of accommodation, without hurting their business. While the increase of room rent costs is applicable both across the local currency (Turkish Lira) and the Euro, booking cheap accommodation in Istanbul and all other major parts of the country is still possible via In fact, the Hotels-N-Europe portal can also be used for booking hotel rooms at cheaper than normal rates in all major locations across the whole European continent.

A Huge Boost in the Total Number of German Tourists Will be Seen in 2019

According to the European Tourism in 2018: Trends & Prospects report, an increase of 25.6% was observed in the number of tourists that paid a visit to Turkey in between the months of January – November last year. This increase was recorded in comparison to the number of German tourists that came into the country in between the same 11-month time period in 2017. By the end of 2019, the ETC has predicted that the number of visitors from Germany will set new records in Turkey.

British and American Travellers Have Set New Records As Well

In the period between January - November 2018, Turkey saw 36.5% more Brits arrive from the UK, as compared to the numbers from 2017. In terms of incoming American tourists, a rise of 32% in 2018, when compared to the year before it, marked another record for Turkey's flourishing travel and tourism industry.

India's Expanding Wedding Tourism Holds Big opportunities in the Sector

The astounding 74.4% growth in the number of Indian tourists that came to Turkey during the year 2018 was largely accredited to Turkey's specific marketing efforts, that were directed towards the flourishing wedding and honeymoon tourism business in India.

Even outside of Europe, the US and India, nearly every source region from all across the globe showed significantly increased interest in Turkish tourism last year and it is a trend that is expected to grow even bigger in 2019.

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