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Franchise or your own brand? Build a successful restaurant marketing strategy

When it comes to opening a food business, many entrepreneurs are not sure how to build a restaurant marketing strategy which will actually work. The first question is - should you go for franchising or creating your own brand?

Let's take a look at what exactly franchise means. What are the benefits of franchising and of your own brand? We hope that our conclusions will help you decide which option is the best choice in your case.

1. What is a franchise?

Restaurant franchising is a common method for large expansion of the particular brand.

Franchisors sell franchisees the license to open a restaurant under their mark. The first buyers set all the main rules about what the new business will look like. Nevertheless, franchisors also give professional support which is supposed to help the restaurant succeed in no time.

What is the biggest franchised chain right now? You may think McDonald's but no - this restaurant is currently second in the ranking. The winner is Subway with as many as 45 000 stores worldwide.


2. Benefits of franchising

Imagine that you want to start a restaurant business, but you don't know exactly how to do it yourself. You do not have too much previous experience and you are afraid that ambition alone is not enough.

The franchise has many advantages which can be useful in this situation:

  • Famous from the start

It takes a lot of time to build a strong brand from nothing. With a franchise, you start under a popular name which your potential customers already know very well.

  • Training

When it comes franchising, a lack of experience in restaurant marketing is not a problem. Most franchisors organize professional training which will allow you to learn their restaurant marketing strategy.

  • Solutions that work

Building a business from the start is complicated. It takes a lot of time and effort. Moreover, you cannot be sure that your new restaurant marketing strategy will actually turn out to be successful.

In franchising, you rely on a business model which has already succeed. You also benefit from advertising which is led by the franchisor internationally, nationally, and regionally.

McDonald's mobile order

3. Benefits of your own brand

Some entrepreneurs dream about creating their own brand and restaurant marketing strategy. What are some of the benefits of choosing this solution?

  • You are in charge

You can do whatever you want to in order to develop your own company.

Only you make decisions about what you sell, how you advertise it, how much customers will have to pay, etc. Some people may find this too challenging. On the other hand, others see here a one of a kind opportunity to finally put their own ideas into actions.

When you get to know the market better, you will be able to figure out how to gain the loyalty of many more customers. You could create an amazing restaurant online marketing strategy which will bring more fame to your brand.

  • Become a franchisor

If you develop your brand and make it strong, you will be able to become a franchisor yourself. You could build a chain of restaurants throughout the whole world - under your own logo.

Bar restaurant

4. Conclusion

As you see, there are benefits as well as drawbacks in both franchising and creating your own brand.

Franchising is an especially interesting option for entrepreneurs who do not have a brilliant idea for a new restaurant. This solution allows them to use the established business model.

Some entrepreneurs decide to try themselves at restaurant management under their own brand. They want to put their ideas into reality whenever they wish. If everything goes right, these people may even become franchisors in the future.


Should you become a franchisee, founder of your own brand or maybe a franchisor? Everything depends on your individual situation. Remember to check if the franchise allows you to run, for example, your own online food ordering system like Without it you will have limited profits from online sales.

Take your time to think about your experience and expectations. Analyze which benefits are the most valuable to you. Remember to also find out how much money you would have to invest in each option.

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