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Using The Cloud For Your Business: What Are The Risks Involved?

We're all told that the cloud is exactly what we want when it comes to making our businesses more efficient and more secure. Yet, as with everything, there can be problems when using technology, and there are some risks involved in using the cloud for business.

This can be surprising to those who had assumed that the cloud was the ideal way to run their business safely, and the truth is that the cloud is still something that businesses should turn to; the key thing to remember is that you need to know the risks first.


One of the major benefits of cloud computing for business is that it is accessible 24 hours a day from any computer or tablet that you want to log in from. At least, that's the idea, but it's not always how it works. Sometimes there can be accessibility issues due to maintenance, or even malicious attackers who are trying to hack into the system.

When this happens, you won't be able to get to your own documents within the cloud, and that can mean a delay in whatever task or project you are working on, not to mention frustration. However, if you are aware that this is something that can occur, and you back up your work on a separate external hard drive as well as the cloud, you will be able to continue working – just remember to save the new documents to the cloud when it is up and running again.

Terms And Conditions

Being in control is likely to be one of the reasons you started your business in the first place; you didn't want to be beholden to an employer anymore. You might find, however, that you are at the mercy of the terms and conditions of the cloud.

Due to the fact that many thousands of people will use the one system, there is little chance (if any) to negotiate the terms and conditions; those operating the cloud just don't have the time nor the need to do so. Therefore, you will need to accept those terms and conditions even if you're not sure that you like them if you want to use the cloud.


Security is a big issue when it comes to the cloud and your business. Although the main aim of cloud computing is to ensure that your documents are safe, it may still be possible for hackers to access the information, or for malicious software to be downloaded from the cloud by mistake.

The danger of malicious software being downloaded can be mitigated somewhat by using a program such as McAfee which works to keep your computer or other devices safe from these viruses; even if something were to be downloaded, if you have a program installed to stop it, it will do no harm. Gaining greater control and visibility over your cloud data can help prevent a security issue. You can consider controls such as data classification, device access control, and malware prevention, all possible through cloud security solutions designed with your business' interests in mind.

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