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What You Can do with a Qualification in Economics

Whether you’ve already gained an economics qualification or are considering this route, knowing how you can put your knowledge to good use is an important part of the process.

Economics is the study of how different societies produce and distribute services and goods. It also looks at how and why people act in certain ways to improve their wealth and well-being. If you find the world around you very intriguing and take pleasure from analyzing data, then a career in the field of economics could be just what you're looking for. An economics qualification can be used in many different ways. Here are just a few of them.

How An Online Degree Prepares You

For those considering a career in economics, an online course can ensure you are heading in the right direction. Offering flexibility, scalability and a schedule that suits the student, you can now complete an applied economics masters online. From this, there are various careers you can consider, which can be found below.

Credit or Financial Analyst

A credit analyst assesses whether a person is a good or a bad risk when it comes to lending them money. Economic trends and various factors have to be taken into account, and summary reports have to be made of any findings as well as a suggested interest rate for the loan.

A financial analyst advises companies or individual clients on their investment, stock/bond and merger decisions. It requires details research into companies, industries, bonds, stocks and other types of investment.

Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst looks at economic conditions and using their knowledge of industry trends, assesses how they might impact on a company's products or services. Part of their training includes designing studies, gathering and analyzing data. Being able to quantify the results of their studies and convey this information to their clients is also a required skill set.

Management Consultant

If a company has a business problem, they can call in a management consultant to help them find a solution. This is a popular position for college graduates or those who have just completed an online degree. The aim of this role is to help an organization operate better by solving issues, creating value, maximizing growth and improving business performance.

Business Reporter

If you're interested in writing as well as economics, then a business/economics reporter could be your ideal career. You need to be able to research, write and then publish stories about industry trends, economic developments, financial markets, business leaders, and companies. Being able to write in a language people can understand is also important.


An actuary works in the insurance industry. Using advanced math and statistical skills, they are able to determine the likelihood of certain events such as deaths, illnesses, fires, and business failures. A number of variables need to be taken into consideration when analyzing risks so that they can advise on a profitable structure for insurance policies. Computer software is generally used, and they have to be able to use graphs and charts to get their decisions across.

Business or Government Economist

This is a popular career for anyone with a degree in applied economics. A business economist is responsible for monitoring economic trends and assessing the impact they have on the business they are employed by. A government economist collects and analyses data on economic conditions. They use this information to then advise government policymakers.

This is a small selection of the careers you can pursue with a degree in economics.

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