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Do not waste your money at home!

At present, it is completely pointless to not invest your savings. Why? Because they do not generate any income and you simply lose them. If you still keep your savings in an old sock, it is the highest time to change it.

Desktop trading

If you do not have any ideas how to do it, you may try the innovative solutions offered by X Open Hub. This British company tries hard to provide the highest excellence services for big companies as well as individual users. Some of the important services offered by X Open Hub are trading platforms. They are two and they are called XOH Trader and MT4 White label. This article will focus on our trading platforms and will point out their strong features.

The most important advantages of our trading platorms

First of all, X Open Hub provides a desktop trading application that is equipped with advanced trading capabilities. The software gives basic information on rates of cryptocurriences, indices, commodities, shares and a lot more. As an outcome, the client is able to observe the market changes live.

Secondly, X Open Hub's trading platforms are also available as the mobile trading application. It is very practical these days when people work in different places where sometimes access to desktop computers is limited. If the clients only have an access to the Internet, they are able to observe the real-time market news and changes. Moreover, there are also provided interactive charts with various technical indicators. To sum up, the users can manage their means to find out about their rates at given time. The application can be downloaded from the AppStore and it is dedicated to iPhone users.

Thirdly, there are provided different and detailed charts which are also a great improvement for users who may observe technical indicators. Some of them are following: CCI, RSI MACD, TRIX, Stochastic Oscillators and a lot more. Furthermore, the users may also make a use of sophisticated drawing tools that will help them in better analyzing. They are Elliot Waves, Fibonacci and Andrew's Pitchfork. The charts are easy to read and when you set certain filters, you may see only detailed information on given topics.

It is also worth paying attention to White Label creator. It is a tool dedicated to users who want to develop their business. If you want to create White Labels (WL), you may enjoy childish easy interference that will help you to create WL for downloadable platforms as well as websites.

The fifth aspect of the trading platform provided by X Open Hub is Back Office Xmanager. This application gives you a possibility to create new client data, withdraw and deposit money. It is a place where all your client's data such as name, email address, the phone number can be stored. Moreover, you may keep them as CRM or in other databases in accordance with your needs.

The last but not the least important tool offered at the trading platform is Risk Management. The software is called Xrisk and it is one of the most important tools at trading platform. The aim of the software is to provide you with information on the risk. It also prepares various reports to help you assess the risk and minimize it.

Those two trading platforms were designed by X Open Hub. The British company is so-called liquidity provider and it is one of the companies you can definitely trust. If you are interested in getting to know the company better, feel free to contact one of those offices located in London, the UK or in Warsaw, Poland.

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