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Most Important Considerations for the EU Car Dealers in 2018

03 January 2018, 15:08 CET

EU car market is going through lot of twists and turns for some years. While in-car technology is now an in-thing for the automobile world, the consumers are increasingly focused on better value for money rather than so called outward look and feel.

As 2018 is approaching, this is the time of the year to look back and reconsider some crucial points that future car dealers have to deal with. Let us have a quick look at them.

The Future Of Regulations Concerning Fuel-Economy

Already several car dealer reviews are expressing concerns on the possibility of a regulation that would deal with the fuel economy. As per the latest turn of events it may take a few years more before we can see such regulations to be fully in force. Such a regulation will obviously find lot of debates and challenges before it is finally adopted with a degree openness or exclusions. This may take a few years if not more.

Electric Cars Or Hybrid Cars, Which One Will Stay?

Electric cars already represent a massive reality for the automobile world and it is going to penetrate most cars in some ways. Environmental concerns and regulatory constraints apart, electrification of automobiles will open up a completely new industry and can actually relieve the boom experienced by the car industry years before. The fully electric cars are still not mainstream but hybrid ones with electricity playing a major role for infotainment within the car and for connectivity will continue to remain popular.

Buying Car Will Be Like Buying Smartphones

Yes, this is a massive truth and soon, the price war and focus on making cars more affordable can bring lot of new cars that can be bought as the cellphones. Electric cars in this respect can really bring in some paradigm shifts in automobile industry and there will be more small cars that would come with a small price tag.

Car Infotainment, A Big Value For Future Buyers

Those days are gone when while driving a car you need to remain disconnected and anxious until you reach your destination. The smart car infotainment systems have been flourished at rapid speed and they offer great value for money for the buyers. Already, most cars including both luxury and base models of many brands do everything to make a value proposition with their in-car connectivity and infotainment. This will only grow in importance in the years to come.

The Influence Of Dealer Reviews

Web conversation and points of influence speaking on certain cars can really make a difference in boosting sales. The expertise driven, industry-respected and widely read dealer reviews in this respect can truly make a difference in building opinion. In U.K. the influence of in moving sales figure for cars is a great example.

Autonomous Cars Can Be The Biggest Game Changer

Autonomous or self driving cars are already a massive reality as several major brands including Tesla and Google already came with their successful autonomous versions. Now, what is next? When they are going to hit the road finally? Well, they will take road initially as a high tech experiment rather than a really useful piece of vehicle for common users. For initial years, they are also going to be exorbitantly priced. So, it would take some years after their official launch to become a mass adopted vehicle.

To conclude, automobile world will always look forward to the next Ford or Uber for a paradigm shift. But massive groundbreaking changes do not happen often. The maturity and growth of the industry silently pushes the market towards such an era defining outcome.

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