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Ego can ruin your trading career

27 December 2017, 17:57 CET

There are a lot of people in Forex who are full of ego. They cannot think of anything but what they have done in Forex. This is the biggest investment market of the world and traders can understand that it is normal to have all kinds of weird traders in Forex. When many people think ego is the reflection of your self-esteem, this ego can also cost your profit in Forex.

You will not agree that you have made your mistakes in the past when you first started trading if you have the ego in your mind. This is very bad for traders who want to learn and improve their trading in Forex. Many people think of themselves as good traders and they also try to develop this ego in their career. We have to tell them that you cannot judge the market by not looking at the professional and successful traders of the world. You do not have to go from country to country to find out about these successful traders as you can search them on the internet. You will see that all of these traders are gentle and they also agree with their mistakes they had made in their career. This article is very important for traders who think ego in their career is good. We want to remind you the old saying that, if you grow too big, a gentle breeze can take you down to the ground. Be humble and admit your mistakes and let go of your ego. There is nothing wrong with doing mistakes that you do not know.

Spread betting

Nowadays, spread betting trading is very much popular among the retail traders. You can easily make a huge amount of money without buying the financial assets in the global market. You need to find the direction of the future price movement to secure your potential profit. Spread betting is very similar to Forex trading only with one exception. Instead of riding the long-term trend you can make huge money just by finding the direction of the market movement. Though it’s extremely profitable spread betting trading is often considered as the riskiest investment in the financial industry.

You need to consider trading as your business. If you want to master spread betting trading then you have to learn all the technical and fundamental details. If you trade based on gut feelings then within a very short period of time you might even blow your entire trading account. You can’t hold on to your ego after facing a losing trades. Consider the losing trades as your business cost and wait for the next trading opportunity. Learn to do the perfect fundamental analysis since it is one of the easiest ways to make a profit during the high level of market volatility.

How can ego affect your profit?

We know that a lot of traders are interested to know how they can lose their money if they have the ego in their career. It is their personal choice and it should not be related to their Forex trading. The success of making the profit in Forex depends on their strategy, how well they are analyzing the market and if they can trade with the trend. It is not important if they are confident or have ego n their career. We want to tell these traders that when you have the ego in your career, it will subconsciously create obstacles in your mind to accept that your strategy is wrong or it is obsolete in the market. You cannot accept that you need the new strategy in Forex and many people cannot do that if they have the ego. This market is always changing and you have to flow with the changes. If you cannot evolve in the market, you will lose all of your investment all because of your ego.

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