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4 Helpful Tips on Parcel Deliveries in Australia

26 December 2017, 00:38 CET

For some business owners, shipping various items to other countries is a must.

Whether a person is shipping a large container or a small box, finding Cheap parcel delivery services is a must. For years, Australia has had one of the fastest growing business communities in the world. This growth has led to a number of different companies from around the world doing business with businesses in this country. If you are one of these businesses, then one of the main concerns you should have is how to get the right Delivery to Australia for the goods you are shipping. Before utilizing the parcel delivery services in this country, there are a number of things you should be aware of and here are some of them.

1. Make Sure the Items You Are Sending Are Approved

Before you start to send items to Australia, you need to make sure they are approved. The Australian has some very strict regulations when it comes to the types of packages they will let into their country. Failing to check out these guidelines can lead to a variety of problems and may cause you to have a variety of problems with shipping. Before shipping your items, you need to know about prohibited items like:

  • Any goods made from leather
  • Used or new fruit cartons
  • Live trees, plants or bulbs
  • Washing or soap preparations

If you are trying to ship any of these previously mentioned items to Australia, then you are out of luck. You can view a full list of prohibited items on the website. The time you spend finding out this type of information will be well worth it in the end.

2. The Value of the Items Being Shipped is Also Important

The next thing to consider when trying to ship packages to Australia is the value of the items that are contained within the box. Before you are able to ship items into Australia, you will need to fill out a pro-forma invoice. Once you have filled out this invoice, you will need to attach five copies of it on the outside of the package in question. This form will ask for a detailed breakdown of what is in the box and how much these items are worth. These forms will then be checked by customs agents that work for the Australian government. The parcel in question has to be under $1000 Australian dollars in order to avoid additional taxes. If the items in the package are over this amount, you will have to fill out additional paperwork before they can be delivered.

3. Investing in Strong and Durable Packaging is a Must

When trying to successfully ship a package into Australia, you need to ensure that only the most durable packing materials are used. If your package will be traveling a long distance, then you need to make sure it is not going to fall apart halfway through the journey. Usually, a variety of transportation methods will be used to get your package to its destination safely. The time and money you invest in properly packaging your items will be more than worth it in the end.

4. Work On Finding the Best Prices

There are a number of parcel delivery services operating within Australia. Each of the services is different in regards to the prices they charge and the turnaround times they can provide. Failing to do the proper amount of research before choosing a parcel delivery service will usually lead to a variety of mistakes being made. By doing a bit of homework, you should be able to find a parcel delivery service that can help you out for a reasonable fee.

The right parcel delivery service will be able to get your packages delivered in a timely manner. The money paid to these services will be well worth it due to the experience they can offer.

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