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How to Unwind on Your Lunch Break and Improve Productivity

07 December 2017, 18:46 CET

You will more than likely juggle multiple tasks throughout the working day, which can lead to unwanted stress. When in full-time employment, you’ll want to spend you lunch break unwinding so you can return to your desk and work to your fullest. Many employees, though, tend to work through their lunch breaks, especially if they decide to eat at their desk. However, there are many simple ways you can improve your mental and physical wellbeing, leaving you completely rejuvenated for your afternoon at the office.

Go for a Walk

If you spend your working life tied to a desk, you should step away from a computer and go for a walk instead. By doing so, you will not only allow yourself to stretch your legs, but it will also allow you to take a mental break from the office. Fresh air can improve your mood as well as your health; it can also help you reach your daily exercise quota.

Play a Game

By playing a game you will allow your mind to focus on something that's fun and disconnect from your work life. Rather than sit at your desk, tempted to read unanswered emails that are coming in, distance yourself with a little more fun. You can visit SportPesa Casino for a variety of games that are sure to help you unwind and return to work fully relaxed.

Improve Your Career Prospects

If you are unhappy with your current job, why not use your lunch to work towards your dream career. For example, you can edit your portfolio, work on a personal project, improve your resume, or could even apply for a new job. Just do so discreetly. A few minutes a day could soon make your dream role a reality.

Write in a Journal

There will more than likely be stresses or concerns that will affect your professional and personal life. If you want to reduce mental clutter, write down all the emotions you are feeling in a journal. Writing down what you can't say aloud will provide a form of therapy on your lunchtime, as you will have a place to vent your frustrations, anger or worries, so you can remove some of the thoughts weighing on your heart or mind each day.


Are you lacking inspiration? Take 15 minutes out of your lunch break to read a motivational story or quote, which will make you feel refreshed and ready to spring into action. You could read anything from an inspiring biography to an industry guide, so you'll learn something new whilst feeding your ambition.

Call a Loved One

Improve your mood by telephoning someone you love, such as your partner, a parent or best friend, especially if you are having a bad day. It will make you feel happier about your life, and they could put any professional stresses into perspective.

Go Out for Lunch

Many busy professionals spend their lunch break at their desk; however, it never hurts to break the monotony by going out for lunch either alone, with a work colleague or to meet up with a loved one. It can break up the day and you can enjoy a delicious meal, which will provide the fuel you need to power through the afternoon.

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