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How to Host an Industry Awards Ceremony

01 December 2017, 13:12 CET

An industry awards ceremony celebrates excellence, recognises hard work or can be used as a fundraising tool for worthy causes. It's therefore a brilliant way to bring people together for one evening only to have a little fun. If you want to create a show everyone will remember, find out how to host an industry awards ceremony.

Write an Awards Show Brief

A brief will allow you to identify and execute your ideas to the letter. You should, therefore, detail why you are hosting the event, why you are hosting it, and how you will measure its success. Establishing key goals will make the planning process more specific, so you can set the tone, pick the right guests and select the best date for the event.

Set an Event Budget

Once you know exactly what you want to achieve from the industry event, you must then ensure your vision matches your budget. For example, if you're on a tight budget, it might be beneficial to skip the champagne and caviar and opt for more affordable food and drink. Also, will you make a profit from the event? Will the money raised be donated to a worthy charity? Could you receive sponsorship to help you cover the costs? You must factor all costs into your budget, such as the venue, theme, entertainment, food, marketing, high profile judges and special guests.

Select Judges

The judges you select will determine the credibility of an event, which is why you must choose carefully. It's important to pick judges who are qualified and respected within the industry, as they will add integrity to the event. The judges must also judge both fairly and independently, so you will need to introduce a voting system to ensure the judges are not biased towards one individual or business.

Choose the Best Entertainment

You can trust your guests will grow tired of the event if they are forced to watch numerous people receiving different awards. You will need to shake up the evening with some entertainment to maintain their interest. The formality of the event will more than likely determine the act(s) you choose. It's advisable to turn to a reputable corporate entertainment agency, as they can help you select the best performer for your industry awards night. For example, you could hire a live band, classical singer or a comedian.

Pick a Venue

Both your budget and the guest list will influence the venue you select, but you must also choose a venue that will wow your guests. Industry awards shows are meant to be glamorous, which is why you should choose a unique venue that is refined while it also generates interest. Don't forget to consider set dressing and creative lighting to transform your chosen venue.

Consider a Theme

Do you want to set your awards ceremony apart from other events? Pick a refined theme that will differentiate your show. For instance, you could opt for Hollywood glamour or a futuristic theme, which will allow people to be a little creative.

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