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Philip Hammond Referred to the EU as the Enemy in Brexit Negotiations

26 October 2017, 16:40 CET

Philip Hammond recently made a shocking comment from his latest extraordinary outburst during the Brexit negotiations. He referred to the EU as "the enemy." Although Philip Hammond expressed regret about his choice of words, some critics are saying that the damage is already done and it's likely going to cause a lot of division among European leaders.


In a recent tweet, Philip Hammond apologized for what he said. He urged leaders to stop squabbling and make the best efforts to unite so that they can get the best possible withdrawal agreement for Britain against the EU.

Philip Hammond is taking a lot of fire for the entire Brexit fiasco. However, the Chancellor is holding steady and is dismissing all the "absurd" and "bizarre" accusations from Eurosceptics. According to Philip Hammond, Brexit's aim is not to take down Britain's economy - it's to strengthen the economy of the nation.

However, many leaders think that Philip Hammond should be sacked for his comment as he holds a very powerful position, and he's practically communicating his true views about the EU.

EU flag

According to Lawson, Philip Hammond is trying to sabotage the EU rather than trying to help. Lawson added that he understands that people may have strong views and there's passion surrounding the subject, but they are all going to the same destination.

Lawson added that they have the same agenda, they agreed to listen to the Prime Minister for his Lancaster House speech, and they all agreed for the Article 50.

Hammond said that the real enemy is on the opposite side of the table. Those are the ones that need to be negotiated with in order to get the best deal for Britain.

For many pro-Brexits, Philip Hammond is on the hot seat. The main issue is that it seems Hammond is willing to spend millions for an event that may result in Britain walking away with no attractive deal from the EU.

What Does This Mean for Entrepreneurs?

In most cases, when laws changes, the flow of money also shifts. If you have a business that's within the scope of EU, then it's best that you have a macro view of the entire economic landscape. Failure to do so may result in a sudden change in the flow of money that may affect your business negatively and may even cause its demise.

This might sound surprising but one tool that can help you "gauge" the market is the platform offered by CMC Markets.

In that platform, CMC Markets has information on what they call as "market sentiment." As the name suggests, it's a general overview of how market participants are viewing the markets. Having this information is very important as it can help you make the smart moves. Of course, "market sentiment" is just one of the tools in CMC Markets. In the platform, pattern recognition is another useful predicting tool.

Humans are creatures of habit, and this can manifest in the charts. Technical analysts try to spot these patterns, which can tell them the future movements with certain levels of accuracy. The great thing about this platform is that you don't have to study the patterns. The system will already try to spot the pattern for you and you can react accordingly.

In fact, while you are using the platform, we suggest you take the time to learn about trading. After all, trading can easily be integrated into your daily tasks. Some people think that trading is all about looking at prices 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. While you can certainly do this, it's not the only way to do it.

There are a lot of traders who are taking advantage of longer trends, which are even more accurate. Making profits from these longer trends may require you to check the charts once a day or once a week. It will only take you less than an hour to do your analysis.

While the entire Brexit fiasco is causing a lot of uncertainty for the European nations, you can reduce your risk exposure by investing in other markets. In this case, you can reduce your risk by not relying solely on your business.

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