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You are here: Home Focus Will Brexit have an effect on accident claims?

Will Brexit have an effect on accident claims?

11 September 2017, 22:02 CET

With Brexit uncertainty, no wonder UK citizens are worried able the effect it could have on accident claims.

Now that the UK has voted to leave the EU, it's time to recognise the ways in which it will affect your right to claim compensation, including whiplash injury compensation. Luckily for us, nothing is likely to change for a short while. Since we are yet to start our departure from the EU, new regulations and rules regarding accident claims won't be immediately implemented. Find out how Brexit could affect accident claims below.

The small claims limit

Before Brexit was confirmed, the government proposed change related to the small claims limit. These proposed changes would have meant that only you could gain legal representation for claims that are £5,000 or more. So even if you suffered whiplash or a broken collar bone, you wouldn't be able to seek the help of a solicitor to fight for the compensation you deserve. Due to the implementation of Brexit, it is likely that this change will come into effect any time soon but in the future, these claims won't be accessible from £1000 or more.

Accidents overseas

If you are involved in an accident abroad, directives exist to protect those who are affected by uninsured drivers. Other regulations also allow accident victims to sure their tour operators, which in turn brings the claim back to be investigated in the UK but due to Brexit, UK citizens that are injured within the UK could face loosing these legal protections and suffering to recover from personal injuries as well as expenses

Accidents in the workplace

Accidents at work are inevitable. In the past when employers chose to not comply with the EU health and safety laws such as not carrying out a thorough risk assessment, they would be liable for compensation; however Brexit would allow no automatic right. The main different is that the UK government will be able to change these regulations at ease, despite what the EU believe in whereas currently the UK operates on a combination of regulations agreed by both the UK and the EU.

Consumer rights protection

If you've ever been in possession of a faulty product you are not alone. More than 1.4million people speak to Citizens Advice expressing their concerns, problem and to make a complaint. Whether the call is in light to standards, misleading claims or outrageous billing, the Citizens Advice Bureau helps resolve these problems. This is all thanks to the flexibility of consumer rights that ensures we are treated fairly, but Brexit could affect UK consumer rights. Until we officially depart from the European Union there will be no immediate change to your consumer rights when you sell and buy goods or when you travel abroad at the discretion of the UK government.

Is there anything to really worry about? For now, no there's not. Being aware of the effect Brexit could have on accident claims is all you need to understand for now, to help you prepare for the future. Despite the trigger of Article 50, the UK is still set to operate under the EU Laws until we officially leave. The implications that Brexit could cause will become more clear one the process of leaving has fully begun.

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