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4 Tips on How to Optimise Your Brand

06 September 2017, 22:49 CET

It's the little things that matter to customers. Attention to detail can set you apart from your rivals, as you will become synonymous with exceptional customer service. If you are unsure how to deliver an improved customer experience, we're providing four effective tips on how to optimise your brand.

A Fast Website

A fast website not only improves the user experience, but it can also keep your visitors more engaged and encourages them to move from page to page. While it will never win you a customer, you can guarantee it will stop you from losing a visitor.

That one-second delay could result in a higher bounce rate and may cost you a substantial amount of money every year. Don't believe us? Ask Amazon. The retail giant lost $1.6 billion in annual sales due to a one-second delay in their site speed.

It's therefore essential to continually monitor your site speed, so you can make the appropriate adjustments to improve your website. For instance, you could condense images, change a server host or reduce plug-ins.

Eye-Catching Branding

Your branding tells a customer who you are, what you do and your level of professionalism, without them reading one word of your content. You must, therefore, make a superb first impression with eye-catching branding that reinforces your professionalism.

This means creating an attractive website, developing aesthetically-pleasing social media campaigns and producing impressive binders at a corporate or training event. You must focus on the user experience, photography and graphic design to build a brand that sells. They can often be the cornerstone of customer retention, as they can encourage engagement and turn a lead into a conversion.

Exceptional Customer Service

Customers are taking time out of their day to contact you regarding a question or problem. You can, therefore, guarantee they will expect your company to take time out of their day to help them. If you don't, they will more than likely turn to a competitor.

Each time a person reaches out to your business, you must think of their communication as a golden opportunity to secure a loyal customer. Provide a fast, hospitable and friendly response, which allows your brand to make a lasting impression.

Do your utmost to exceed their expectations time and again, which will ensure they will return time and again – and often all it takes is a rapid response, so a customer can quickly receive the answers they need so they can enjoy the rest of their day.

A Seamless Booking Engine or Shopping Cart

Nothing is more damaging to a business than a slow, lengthy or complex shopping cart or booking engine. You might have secured a visitor's interest, but it could be the barrier that prevents them from becoming a customer.

You must, therefore, create a seamless, short checkout process, which will make buying a product or service as easy as possible. To do so, pre-populate fields with credit card and address details. You should also aim to condense the process into smaller steps. It will lower your cart abandonment rate, improve the customer experience, boost loyalty and increase your turnover.

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