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Bulk Domain Buying: Everything You Need To Know

29 August 2017, 16:12 CET

Bulk domain buying is great if you want to cover all bases as a brand, or use the sites to build links, although this is less common now thanks to Google algorithms.

The most common reason is to make sure that no matter what variation of your brand name someone types into Google, they are forwarded to the existing website. For this reason, you can also prevent competitors from using a domain name similar to your own, or be the perpetrator and buy similar names to competitors to direct their customers to your own site.

With domain buying, there is so much opportunity to get your brand noticed even globally by buying the synonymous .au .com .us .eu or .org for the country you're looking to create a market in. Similarly, once you know the keywords that people are searching for that are relevant to your brand, you can buy those domains too.

For example: if people are searching 'printed t-shirts' and you sell printed t-shirts under the brand name 'Smiths' you might want to buy the domain '' so that when people search for that keyword, they find you.

Owning the majority of the domain names associated with your brand name is also likely to push you up the rankings in Google, as long as your keywords are relevant and you're not spam. If you appear on the first page of a Google search, you are much more likely to receive a high volume of traffic on your website which you can convert into sales!

Now, why buy in bulk? Well, when you register your company it's likely that 'squatters' will buy up related domain names if you start doing well and then they'll try to sell them to you at unbelievably extortionate prices because well, you didn't buy them when you could.

Sites like UK2 try to stop you letting this happen to your company by offering you an easy way to stock up all your chosen domain names in one go. Buying bulk domains usually means huge savings compared to buying them in sections and with the format on UK2's website, it's no hard task either.

Before you dive in with your domain names, make sure you're on a hosting site that allows you to have unlimited domains. This essentially just means your host is capable of running two, five, seven or 20 websites all at the same time. Most hosting sites then have the option to select an add-on in the form of subdomain names, this is where you can enter all of your bulk buys and assign them to the correct place.

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