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Serial Entrepreneur Alex Jeffreys Shares The Importance Of Finding Your Niche

23 August 2017, 17:20 CET

Choosing a niche and tailoring your strategy to speak to that particular group of people is one of the most important ways business owners can guarantee success, according to internet marketer and serial entrepreneur Alex Jeffreys.

"If you speak to everybody, then you speak to nobody," Jeffreys said.

Understanding who your customers are and what they're looking for means you understand your consumers and their hurdles, goals, and aspirations. It also gives you the tools you need to create a process that helps your client get to where they dream of being, he said.

"They have these pains and they want this glory, the desired results," he said. "Then what we do is we look at something called the Big Steps to Success. And the big steps to success are: what are the steps that would take this perfect person from pain to glory? What steps would they be?"

Jeffreys teaches this process in his own coaching program that shows others how to make money and find customers online and through social media. He said this process benefits both the entrepreneur and client. When an entrepreneur focuses on the Big Steps to Success, they gain confidence to help their client, which gives the aspiring coach the assurance they need to overcome their own fear of success.

"We're very specific, like we built a multimillion-dollar a year coaching business doing just a few things," he said. "Those few things went through the steps from the pain to the glory, those steps we talked about what we did and that we teach."

Tailoring Your Company Branding and Messaging

Fully understanding your niche is about more than tailoring your product or service. It also gives you the edge in marketing - and selling - your product.

The lynchpin of your marketing is what Jeffreys calls power content. Through power content, potential clients discover who you are, what you'll do for them, and how to find you, he said. In addition to informing and educating, the marketing strategy also builds trust. Just as you tailor your product or service to help clients achieve their goals, you'll craft your content in the same way.

"Power content pretty much positions you, tell stories of pain to glory so people can resonate with you, relate with you," he said. "They can see that you've helped people like them prior and then it has a clear call to action. And we like to get people to reach out for phone calls, schedule a call with us."

The next step in Jeffreys' strategy uses the data collected by online advertising platforms to deliver your services to the right people at the right time. Jeffreys is a big proponent of Facebook's advertising platform. He uses it heavily for growing his business and includes it in the curriculum of his coaching program.

"Facebook knows how many people in the world are on it," Jeffreys said. "So, when this type of person logs onto Facebook, Facebook starts running our adverts to them, OK? Facebook is incredible."

The data collected by the advertising giants like Facebook and Google, combined with your in-depth knowledge of your ideal client and tailored messaging gives you the tools you need to ensure the right people find your business, putting you on the path to success, he said.

"It's like when the student is ready, the teacher will appear, right?" Jeffreys said. "They're like, 'Wow! This is exactly what I'm looking for, wow!'"

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