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Tips for Improving Your Uber or Lyft Driver Profile

18 August 2017, 15:01 CET

Driving for a rideshare app long distance such as lyft vehicle requirements can be a viable way to create extra income.

The best part about driving for these companies is that you have the option to set your hours and drive as often, or as little, as you like. You are your boss no-one is checking upon you to push you around and tell you what to do.


As long as you stay within the driver guidelines, you can expect to earn a decent living either part-time or full-time. Set your hours and enjoy the freedom of working whenever you want. Pick up a night shift after work or drive during the day, the choice is yours.

Why You're Driver Profile Matters

Your Driver Profile is what is most important. It is the first thing that people look at when selecting a ride. If you have a low approval rating, the chances are that potential customers may wait a minute or two longer for a driver with a good profile. Ridesharing presents a security risk to people, with the recent scares around the globe of aggressive or impolite driver behavior toward passengers. A good driver profile earns you a good reputation.

Providing a WOW Experience for Your Passengers

Earning a stellar five-star review from your passenger is a straightforward thing to achieve. All you need to do is separate your service from all of the others in the market. You can do this by implementing a few tips to ensure that you leave your clients with a wow experience that they did not expect and will not forget.

1. The Importance of Your First Impression

Your first impression counts, dress well. You don't have to wear a suit and tie, although it may help if you are driving for the premier Uber Black service. For everyone else, a fresh pair of jeans, comfortable shoes, and a button up shirt or golf t-shirt will suffice. Don't wear cologne as the fragrance may become overpowering in the cab of your car and annoy your clients.

Keep your car spotless, both inside and outside. Its a good idea to purchase a portable, compact vacuum cleaner that you can stow away in the trunk and use between fares to clean the interior of the car. A clean car that smells fresh is an essential first step of presenting your client with the perfect environment that will earn you a five-star review.

2. Over-Deliver for Your Passengers

If you want to stand out as a driver and build a robust profile and reputation as an elite driver, you can achieve this by over-delivering for your passenger. Start by keeping an electric cooler in your car filled with chilled mineral water. Purchase a power bank battery and keep it charged and on-hand in the cab of your vehicle.

Airport check-in

When you collect your passenger, offer them a cold bottle of water and a power bank to charge their mobile device. Your customers will be shocked by this kind of value-add service, improving the chance of your passenger leaving you a five-star review. It may cost you a few cents for a bottle of water, but the reward is well worth it, and you can claim the expense back from your taxes.

3. Drive Perfectly

Always drive flawlessly. Nobody wants to climb into the ride of a reckless driver. Dangerous or reckless driving is a sure-fire way to earn a bad review. Always remain calm, collected, and in control of the road and your vehicle. Act like a professional, and be treated like one with a five-star review.

#4 Ask for a Review, Not a Tip

Take the high road and don't request a tip. While platforms like Lyft allow drivers to accept tips, Uber does not and taking a tip from a client may end up with you having your account deactivated. Instead, be willing to do what others won't and ask for review instead of a tip.

In Closing

Driving for a ride sharing company is a viable way to start earning extra income immediately. Follow these few simple strategies and turn your driver profile into a five-star account that makes you more rides and more money.

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