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ACCA responds to triggering of Article 50

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In response to the announcement that Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty has been triggered by the UK government John Williams, head of ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) UK says:

  • "Today we finally see the long-awaited triggering of Article 50. Whilst this marks a new phase in the process of the UK leaving the EU I would like to reassure our members, students and staff in the UK, Europe and around the world that it continues to be 'business as usual' for ACCA.
  • Of course, we fully recognise that there will be a transition period as the negotiation process gets fully under way in the coming weeks: one which will particularly affect members across the UK & Ireland as well as globally. However, our policy and technical experts have been planning for this phase since last year's referendum result and ACCA is set to respond to any key developments that are likely to impact on our members, or the wider profession. We are committed to ensuring our members and students are up to date on all the key developments as they occur.
  • We firmly believe that there is no reason to anticipate any change to the global recognition and portability of the ACCA Qualification.  
  • As with any period of change and uncertainty, professional accountants will play a critical and strategic role in bringing much needed stability to business and society. As always, we are ready to support our members and students as they carry out this vital function going forward."
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