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Online casino operators targeting Europe as a main market

Europe is a very big continent with huge potential for online gaming. Because of this, internet casinos are somehow focused on this market to take advantage of the lucrative opportunities which it presents to them. In fact, many online casinos now operate from Europe with a lot of ease because laws on gambling are generally not restrictive like in the US.

The tendency that immediately catches the eye is that European online casinos are more comfortable to use, comparing to the international. It is because of the number of the users, European online casinos are targeted on one location so the potential amount of the users is strictly limited and the competition is very high. These casinos have better quality than accessible in the So lately most of the users search for the kasyno gry (pl.) or casino spel (se.) to get the access to the quality content and the games.


Taxation matters are handled by the European Commission. This body is responsible for imposing taxes on various businesses that operate across the region. But while this is the case, internet casinos are not liable for payment of this taxation. That's a leeway for those who want to set up gambling shops on the internet. It could possibly explain why the gambling market is now focused on the European continent.

The legality of internet gaming in Europe

All member countries do accept goods and services amongst themselves without restrictions. However, each of the member states has to decide on their own when it comes to matters pertaining to online gambling.

While some member countries have since outlawed activities related to online gambling, many more have embraced it. Still, there are those countries in the EU which say nothing about online gambling. For them, this is an area that is rarely talked about. They have since put these matters to some sort of a legal purgatory. This means that playing internet games like Dobra Mine is neither legal nor illegal.

Generally, most Europeans have the freedom of gambling on the internet without worrying of legal threats or repercussions. And with that said, it is still your responsibility to confirm what your local regulations say concerning internet gambling.


The UK was the first member country to regulate and even legalize internet gambling. They formed a Gambling act in 2005 which basically authorized individuals to have fun on the internet casinos without fearing of legal repercussions. This act also stated that online casinos should seek state licensing before operating this business on the internet.

Now, things get more interesting because even online casinos operating outside the country (foreign casinos) are allowed to operate within the UK jurisdiction without suffering any penalty. This rule says that all online casinos may operate here provided that they are properly licensed by their home country. These casinos are also allowed to accept UK clients as well.

In the year 2006, Italy took a dramatic turn on this law. Authorities were ordered to block all gambling-related websites from operating on their internet space. Late the same year, this country opted to reverse that decision. This made Italy the second EU member state to legalize and allow internet gambling.

Just like what happened in the UK, Italy also gave players the right to access these casinos. On the other hand, online casinos were given the right to apply for licensing.


Perhaps these things have made Europe an attractive destination to do business from. These laws create a relaxed atmosphere where both parties (gamblers and casinos) can enjoy games while casinos are making profit. These casinos have even customized their offering in such a way that one can access slot machines or casino games any time. It's basically a free country where internet gambling is concerned.

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