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20 May 2015, 20:02 CET

Expert analysis, features and profiles of key topical issues in the European Union.

EU Summit: Reform the OJEU regulations and help Europe grow

Posted by Michael Ter-Berg at 30 January 2012, 22:05 CET |
Filed under: SMEs, ANALYSIS

Over the next 24 hours EU Prime Ministers gather for the latest Summit trying yet again to solve the EUs debt problems. They will also be considering how to boost growth through measures to help SMEs.

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Population change and the EU

Posted by Michael Ter-Berg at 09 July 2009, 17:35 CET |

Growth from smaller technology and service companies can deliver the taxes to pay for ageing populations. EUbusiness examines how.

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New EUbusiness study: only 2% of MEPs have financial experience

Posted by Michael Ter-Berg at 22 May 2009, 18:40 CET |

Who are the people responsible for reviewing and legislating on around 75% of all laws enacted in the 27 EU member states on behalf of 375m voters? As Europe is about to vote for a new set of MEPs, the answer to this question is fundamental both for citizens of the EU and all organisations interacting with it.

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Economic mayhem and the 2009 European elections

Posted by Michael Ter-Berg at 19 March 2009, 19:45 CET |

At a time of financial turmoil, electing 700-odd representatives to the European Parliament in Strasbourg this June may seem somewhat of a sideshow.

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Imagination, Entrepreneurship and the EU

Each year the European Union spends billions of euros on an array of programmes with aims that include developing new technologies and encouraging Universities and business to work together.  However, such initiatives can seem often more akin to the Eurovision Song contest; part of the cultural fabric, but only rarely delivering a big hit.

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