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20 May 2015, 21:02 CET

Expert analysis, features and profiles of key topical issues in the European Union.

Greece: 400-year-old deal obsolete?

Posted by Andy Langenkamp at 07 June 2012, 13:20 CET |
Filed under: Finance, ANALYSIS, Greece

On May 15, word got out that Greece will go to the polls again on June 17. The left-wing, anti-austerity bloc has a fair chance of victory. Potentially, this could lead to the demise of Greece's place in the eurozone whereas Spain, Portugal, and Ireland may be next.

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Triple crisis result of artificial integration

Posted by Andy Langenkamp at 15 February 2012, 13:35 CET |
Filed under: Finance, ANALYSIS

The European crisis has unfolded in three stages. It started when the Great Recession set in. Soon afterwards, a political crisis broke out. Politicians failed to address the underlying causes of the recession. Now these economic and political setbacks have triggered the crisis of European unity.

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