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The Risk of Brexit: Britain and Europe in 2015 (Kindle Edition)

Author: Roger Liddle
Price £9.45
Publisher Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.
Publication date 21 January 2015
ISBN 0992870550
Publication synopsis This is a critical time for the relationship between Britain and Europe, as politicians debate the balance of competencies between governance at EU and national levels. Charting how recent political developments have changed the debate surrounding Britain's membership of the European Union, this book poses a series of questions about how this debate will unfold over the course of the coming months and years: How has the renegotiation agenda shifted? How will EU partners respond to threats of departure from Britain? What is the impact of the rise of right-wing parties like Ukip? What will the 2015 general election and its highly unpredictable outcome change? What are the politics of a referendum on membership in 2017? By seeking answers to these questions, Roger Liddle assesses whether a series of miscalculated gambles by David Cameron and his forebears have left Britain teetering on the edge of Brexit.

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