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Doing business in Luxembourg: Sustainability

30 April 2012
by Ina Dimireva -- last modified 01 May 2012

Even though legislation in Luxembourg does not oblige businesses to adopt sustainability practices, the government gives advice on how improving companies' corporate social responsibility can be beneficial for them.


Legal requirements


Since the entry into force of the Law concerning the creation of a Luxembourg Institute of Standardisation, Accreditation, Safety and Quality of Products and Services (ILNAS), the Grand Duchy has had its own national standards body.

Law concerning the establishment of ILNAS

Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to businesses that voluntarily introduce sustainable development and environmental principles into their activities.

By using this approach, you can:

  • minimise the negative impact of your company's activities on the environment;
  • contribute to sustainable development ;
  • outshine your competitors ;
  • improve your image with consumers, investors and the labour market;
  • create, preserve and develop jobs and human capital.



To incorporate CSR into your strategy, management and operations, there are certain regulations and standards to follow. The aim is to:

  • codify your activities using an external support;
  • ensure an integrated and sustainable approach;
  • adopt 'benchmark' standards for comparing your progress;
  • visibly stand out from other companies;
  • be officially recognised from the outside, opening doors to new markets.



To make a firm commitment to improving your environmental performance, you can use the European eco-management system. Other systems such as ISO 14001 are also linked to environmental management and are recognised tools for applying CSR.

European eco-management system

Promoting the Community eco-management and audit scheme (EMAS)

ISO 14001 - International Organisation for Standardisation

The law requires businesses to comply with minimum social and environmental rules.

Administrative procedures

Certification of standards


Standards for managing quality and safety at work

The standards can be obtained from ILNAS.


Environmental management standards

To take part in EMAS, send your application to the Environment Administration.

Environment Administration

Application form for authorisation as an environmental inspector



Companies actively involved in CSR, or that wish to get involved, can benefit from the platform set up by the National Institute for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (INDR) which was created by the Union of Luxembourg Companies.


The Luxembourg Institute of Standardisation, Accreditation, Safety and Quality of Products and Services provides various information on its website, along with a guide to quality.


Luxembourg quality guide 2008

The Institute for Social Movement is a group of companies involved in the development of CSR policies in Luxembourg.

Institute for Social Movement


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Source: Your Europe

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