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Doing business in Luxembourg: Staff welfare

28 April 2012
by Ina Dimireva -- last modified 28 April 2012

The Labour Code in Luxembourg covers employee rights regarding health and safety in the workplace, discrimination, recruitment, dismissal, and employment contracts.


Legal requirements


Labour Code

Human resources

Social rules


Non-discrimination, equal treatment and gender equality

The law on equal treatment stipulates that all discrimination based on religion or beliefs, disability, age, sexual orientation, race or ethnic group is prohibited.

Law on equal treatment

Employees who are pregnant, breastfeeding or have given birth are entitled to many benefits, including:

  • prenatal leave (8 weeks before the due date);
  • postnatal leave (8 weeks after the birth, or 12 weeks for premature or multiple births or for breastfeeding);
  • continuation of rights while an employee is pregnant;
  • protection against dismissal with prior notice, except on grounds of gross misconduct;

FAQs on pregnancy, maternity and breastfeeding

Employment of women

Health and safety at work

Employers must take all the necessary steps to safeguard the safety and physical and psychological health of their workers, including: preventing risk, providing information, offering training, and setting up an organisation or carrying out action focused on employee health. They must also prepare a list of high-risk positions within the company.

Accident insurance is designed to cover individuals for the following: accidents in the workplace, accidents on the way to work and occupational ill health.

Safeguarding the safety and health of workers in all aspects of work

Business owners must ensure that job applicants undergo a medical examination. A periodic medical examination is also required for:

  • employees working in a safety position (crane operator, driver of a heavy vehicle, etc.);
  • workers in high-risk positions (exposure to chemical products, noise, etc.);
  • workers under 21.

Health and safety at work

Labour law


Labour relations

Normal working time is set at 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week.

Working hours

Every employer is required to observe certain obligations relating to:

  • the statutory minimum salary;
  • the flexible salary scale;
  • the law on equal treatment;
  • the remuneration matrix where there is a collective agreement.

Remuneration of workers

Labour protection

Employers must safeguard the safety and health of their employees.

Health and safety at work

Mandatory social rules complete the requirements related to managing staff.

Businesses are free to go beyond the minimum social legal requirements at their own initiative.

Administrative procedures

One-stop shop


Certain formalities, such as those linked to the secondment or recruitment of an employee, may be carried out at the Joint Social Security Centre.

Centre commun de la sécurité sociale (Joint Social Security Centre)

Forms - Joint Social Security Centre

You can use the one-stop shop to complete administrative procedures online, including the new employee declaration form.

Declaration for new employee

Health and safety at work


Accident declaration

You must send the Accident Insurance Association a declaration for any accident in the workplace or on the way to work.

Accident Insurance Association

Occupational ill health declaration

You must also send an occupational ill health declaration to the Accident Insurance Association if this occurs.

Medical examination

For each worker passing a medical examination, you must complete an employer's application and send it to the regional Multi-sector Occupational Health Service (STM).

Multi-sector Occupational Health Service

Social Security


When you recruit staff for the first time, you have to register within 8 days at the social security centre. The operating declaration is valid throughout the company's entire existence. The company also receives a certificate of affiliation with a registration number.

Centre commun de la sécurité sociale (Joint Social Security Centre)

Form for the operating declaration

You must inform the Joint Social Security Centre on a monthly basis of the amount of time workers are unable to work.

Forms - Joint Social Security Centre

The actions to be taken may vary according to the situation: whether the employee has an accident at work or on the way to work, has a serious accident or contracts a work-related illness. All procedures must be carried out with the Accident Insurance Association (AAA).

Accident Insurance Association



The Guichet entreprises business portal provides useful information for company directors.

Guichet entreprises

The Ministry of Health provides company directors with questions and answers on medicine, hygiene and health, as well as information on legislation.

Ministry of Health - occupational health division

The Occupational Health Service for Industry website provides companies with advice, information files and relevant legal texts.

Occupational Health Service for Industry

The Union of Medical Insurance Funds has information on preventive medicine and health insurance legislation.

Union of Medical Insurance Funds

The Occupational Health Association for the Financial Sector offers numerous services on health in the workplace: information, forms, legislation and training.

Occupational Health Association for the Financial Sector

The Accident Insurance Association has a website providing information, legislation and statistics.

Accident Insurance Association

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