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Doing business in Lithuania: Sustainability

25 April 2012
by Ina Dimireva -- last modified 27 April 2012

Several legal acts in Lithuania regulate sustainable development. However, businesses can voluntariliy choose whether to undertake corporate social initiatives.


Legal requirements


The following legal acts regulate sustainable development:

Draft Law on Social Initiatives of Enterprises

Measures promoting corporate social responsibility for 2006-2008

Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate social responsibility means policy and practice of businesses whereby, in keeping with laws, international agreements and agreed norms of behaviour, they voluntarily integrate social, environmental and transparent business principles into their activities.

The Ministry of Social Security and Labour is responsible for corporate social responsibility. CSR means the voluntary involvement of businesses in the search for solutions to social and environmental issues, while following the principles of respect for human beings, society and nature.

Ministry of Social Security and Labour

Corporate social initiatives means voluntary company investment in measures to improve the following:

  • development of employee social welfare;
  • working conditions;
  • health-promoting activities;
  • psychological support;
  • skill development;
  • promotion of life-long learning;
  • leisure time organisation and a healthy way of living;
  • development of social partnerships; and
  • other social partnerships aimed at promoting employee motivation and their loyalty to the company.

Corporate social initiatives are described in the Draft Law on Social Initiatives of Enterprises:

Draft law



Corporate social responsibility standards:

Quality management systems - Requirements

Environmental management systems - Requirements with guidance for use

Environmental labels and declarations - General principles

Environmental labels and declarations - Self-declared environmental claims (Type II environmental labelling)

Environmental labels and declarations - Type I environmental labelling - Principles and procedures

Occupational health and safety management systems - Guide

Occupational health and safety management systems - Requirements

Occupational health and safety management systems - Guidelines for the implementation of LST 1977:2005

Businesses that have implemented Work Safety Management Systems

The law requires businesses to comply with minimum social and environmental rules.

Administrative procedures

Applying corporate social responsibility


Businesses can become members of the Global Compact and/or the National Responsible Business Network.

How to become a member of the Global Compact



A list of socially responsible businesses, information about the newest trends as well as legal acts and communications are published on a web portal of the Ministry of Social Security and Labour.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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