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How to Protect Your Business Against Brexit: Go Digital
With the UK's scheduled departure date from the EU just around the corner, businesses across the country have been taking concrete steps to protect themselves from disruption, particularly in the possible event of a "No Deal" exit.
Know Your Limits: How Far Could You Go As A Manager?
Being promoted to a management position is an exciting opportunity. It can also be very challenging. The average employee spends most of their time trying to use their skills to be as productive as possible. But when they are promoted to management, their focus has to change.
EU plastics law will put thousands out of work
The business of serving food and drinks in the EU is worth about €450 billion today, about 5% of EU GDP, and growing 5% annually.
EU must cut litter without undermining growth, jobs and health
Next week the EU institutions aim to approve a proposal for a Directive to reduce the impact of certain plastics products on the environment. Surprisingly, this also covers paper and cardboard items.
Three quarters of professionals demand a second Brexit vote
Research carried out by global professional services recruiter, Morgan McKinley, reveals that the majority (74%) of 6,500 respondents want a second referendum. Then when asked how the participants would vote in a second referendum, 3% said they would prefer May's current deal, 22% would choose Leave and 75% stated they would Remain.
Deal opens door to broadcasting of content across the EU
Today, negotiators from the European Parliament and Member State governments concluded a deal to open up broadcasters' TV programmes, series and news content for online viewers living in another EU country.
EU summit: climate protesters force leaders to 'change course'
Activists calling on European heads of government to "change course on climate" diverted official motorcades on their way to an EU summit meeting in Brussels today, a day before the end of the UN COP24 climate conference in Katowice, Poland.
Impasse in the WTO Dispute Settlement Body - Consequences and Responses
As the United States maintains its block on appointments of new members to the Appellate Body, there is growing concern about the pending incapacitation of the dispute settlement function of the World Trade Organisation. If the WTO can no longer offer effective dispute resolution, some argue, there is a risk that the whole WTO system of rules will collapse. However, while it is important to defend the integrity and effectiveness of dispute resolution, the rules-based system is about more than just the resolution of disputes. What is needed now is measured analyses of the interim options for the WTO if the impasse continues. This Policy Brief reviews some of these options, including the use of "no appeal agreements" and the establishment of alternative plurilateral mechanisms for dispute resolution. It concludes that the alternatives have their own weaknesses and risks, and that the best way forward is for WTO members to pursue constructive and inclusive cooperation in order restore trust in the trade rules and in the good faith of other members.
How can businesses help with the clean water crisis?
The global water crisis is a matter that has to be urgently addressed, and not only by profile global organizations but also by companies of all sizes.
Account Manager/Account Director, Inline Policy
Inline Policy are looking for an ambitious EU public affairs or policy professional to join their team in Brussels as an Account Manager or Account Director.
Administrative and Communication Officer, European Affairs Consulting Group
Public Affairs consultancy the European Affairs Consulting Group (EACON) has a vacancy for an Administrative and Communication Officer.
Chairperson, European Banking Authority
The European Banking Authority is looking to recruit a Chairperson.
EU Health Policy Consultant, ICF
ICF, a global consulting services company, is looking for an EU Health Policy Consultant to join their EU Health and Care team based in Brussels.
Headlong rush on UTP directive is jettisoning EU principles - and won't help any farmer
Ahead of the final scheduled trilogue on the Unfair Trading Practices Directive tomorrow, retailers and wholesalers warned negotiators not to forget fundamental principles laid down by EU law, or the implications of ignoring them EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren said:
EU Summit must deliver for SMEs, despite Brexit
Ahead of the meeting of the European Council, the General Assembly of SMEunited issued a declaration asking the Heads of State and Government to respond to the reality of SMEs.
UK in EU Challenge Considers Appeal Against High Court Ruling
Following a court ruling denying permission for the case to proceed, the legal team and claimants behind the UK in EU Challenge are currently considering an appeal.
The EU Council's general approach on Terrorist Content Online proposal: A step towards pre-emptive censorship
On 6 December 2018, the EU Council published its general approach on the proposed Terrorist Content Online Regulation.
Member States falling behind on Common Fisheries Policy implementation, new WWF report finds
Member States have had five years to implement measures within the latest version of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), but are still lagging behind and likely to miss important 2020 deadlines on biodiversity conservation and sustainable fisheries management.
US Armed Forces confirmed to speak at Defence Logistics Central and Eastern Europe
SMi reports: Just 1 week left to register & save £200 for Defence Logistics Central and Eastern Europe
Food safety transparency: breakthrough vote in EU Parliament
Reacting to today's European Parliaments plenary vote on the reform proposal for the General Food Law, Corporate Europe Observatory's agribusiness researcher Martin Pigeon said:
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