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Documents and other content from the EUbusiness community, including blogs, press releases, newsletters, reports, links, policy papers and studies.
European SMEs further join forces
In November 2018, UEAPME rebranded to SMEunited and set out to shape Europe for SMEs and to strengthen SMEs in Europe.
Cost Analyst, European Space Agency
The European Space Agency has a vacancy for a Cost Analyst.
Four biggest trends impacting the European display advertising industry in 2019
Display advertising continues to thrive across Europe with a total ad spend predicted to hit $17.3 billion across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, increasing by 14.7% from 2018. With technology changing the way online banner ads engage with consumers, display advertising continues to grow in popularity. But are marketers utilising this type of advertising effectively?
Three tests for Europe's climate credibility at June summit
European political leaders attending a crucial summit in Brussels on 20 and 21 June will face three major tests of their commitment to tackle the climate crisis.
SMEs say GDPR needs reality check
SMEunited calls on the European Commission to make a reality check of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Ahead of the stocktaking event organised by the Commission on 13th June, SMEunited surveyed its member organisations and their message is clear: the new Commission should work on a reality tested design for the GDPR.
Biggest dam removal in European history
In a historic moment for Europe's rivers, the first breach was made today in the 36 metre high Vezins Dam - kick-starting the biggest dam removal in Europe so far.
Arcadia Retail Empire D-Day Looming
A decisive D-Day vote between landlords and creditors is set for Wednesday 12 June in London, in order to decide whether they wish to help save Sir Philip Green's Arcadia retail empire from annihilation.
Leaked: EU strategic agenda fails to back urgent action against climate crisis - Greenpeace
A leaked five-year plan setting political priorities for Europe has exposed a stubborn reluctance by governments to take urgent action against the existential climate and ecological crisis, warned Greenpeace.
The Insufficient Technological Growth in the European Market Needs to Change
European tech business needs to improve and improve fast.
Fisheries Lawyer, ClientEarth
ClientEarth is seeking an enthusiastic lawyer to work with its Fisheries team on European fisheries management and control.
Regulatory Officer, European Chemicals Agency
The European Chemicals Agency has a vacancy for a Regulatory Officer.
Why Nominating a Power of Attorney is a Must for Any Business Owner
If you have not granted someone your power of attorney, you should look into doing so, especially if you own a business. Click here to find out why.
5 Reasons To Try An Employee Share Scheme
Employee share schemes can be extremely beneficial to your business if you implement the right kind. Find out some reasons to try these schemes here.
The Possible Impact of Brexit on the iGaming Industry
We always hear about the negative side of the gambling industry - how it causes people to become addicted to gambling to such an extent that they lose homes and families, and blaming a faceless industry can be easier than addressing the human side of addiction, addressing the person themselves as the cause rather than blaming the tools they use to get into bother.
How To Get A Job Overseas
For some, working overseas is the ultimate career move. Not only can you find a job that you love doing, but you can travel the world at the same time, and start a new life in another country of your choosing.
The 5 Most Promising Careers in Europe - 2019
The world is changing, and one of the places where that change is greatest and most marked is the job market. In fact, the job market is a good proxy for the prevailing trends in the development and needs of society.
Protests at pan-European motorway project as time runs out for key wildlife site - Friends of the Earth
Dozens of activists from across Europe have dropped a banner at an international road in Kresna gorge, Bulgaria, to protest against the lack of action from the European Commission and the Bulgarian government to save the key EU-protected wildlife site.
European Drug Report 2019: Trends and Developments
The Trends and Developments report presents a top-level overview of the drug phenomenon in Europe, covering drug supply, use and public health problems as well as drug policy and responses. Together with the online Statistical Bulletin and 30 Country Drug Reports, it makes up the 2019 European Drug Report package.
Starting a Business: The Ultimate Guide to Starting A Business While Working Full Time
Quitting your day job and starting a company isn't as easy as it sounds. There several responsibilities like paying bills, paying mortgage and putting food on the table that need to be performed. While jumping in with both feet is very risky, you can still hang onto the security and income of your job while still launching your business.
EY survey reveals France top in Europe for innovative & industrial investments
The 2019 edition of EY's 'France Attractiveness Survey' published on 4 June confirms France’s increasing appeal as an investment location.
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