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You are here: Home The Brexit debate Bremain in Spain supports 'March for a #PeoplesVote' on 23 June in London

Bremain in Spain supports 'March for a #PeoplesVote' on 23 June in London

30 April 2018
by eub2 -- last modified 30 April 2018

Bremain in Spain, a group campaigning for the rights of British citizens in Spain and the EU, supports the March for a #PeoplesVote scheduled for 23 June, 2018, in London.


The march, co-organised by Open Britain, Britain for Europe and European Movement, is calling for a referendum vote on any final Brexit agreement between the UK government and the European Union. Bremain in Spain is a member of Britain for Europe and is partnered with European Movement.

The demonstration will be staged on the second anniversary of the referendum and will begin a summer of demonstrations and events by pro-European groups across the UK and Europe. Smaller events, including Europe Day picnics, are planned for 13 May. There will also be coordinated canvassing for a #PeoplesVote, with the results to be shared amongst constituency MPs.

The UK government has already acknowledged that MPs have the power to force a new referendum, if they amend the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill to include a referendum stipulation. The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, Steve Baker, has additionally said that the vote on the bill would be subject to the same parliamentary standards and amendments as any other bill before Parliament.

The event in London will see, for the first time, 10 major pro-EU groups come together to campaign for a final say on any proposed agreement between the EU and Britain, and in an attempt to influence the bill.

The campaign has launched a crowdfunding appeal to raise £100,000 to cover the costs of organising and advertising the march. The event is expected to start at midday at Park Lane and will terminate in Westminster, London.

Sue Wilson, Chair of Bremain in Spain, comments: "Throughout the UK, campaigners are talking to members of the public - on the streets, in their homes, at work. There's increasing support for the public to have the final say on the Brexit deal, from both Leave and Remain voters alike.

"Those who voted to leave the EU did so for a variety of reasons, many not even related to the EU but to UK government policies. We all know so much more now, me included, about what leaving the customs union or the single market might mean for the country. Surely, we all deserve an opportunity to evaluate whatever deal is on the table, and to make a more informed decision now that the facts are becoming apparent.

She adds: "Pressure is increasing from MPs for the government to rethink its stance regarding the customs union, and this includes pressure from within the Tory party. Theresa May has already suffered six defeats on her EU (Withdrawal) Bill in the House of Lords, including on the customs union, and it is still early days. Michel Barnier has again confirmed that there can be no frictionless trade outside the customs union and the single market, despite May's 'pleading'. Many Leave voters are now saying that May's version of Brexit isn't what they voted for.

"The 'March for a #PeoplesVote' will attract huge numbers of people and will be a fitting event to commemorate that fateful date in 2016 when our lives were changed overnight. It will be the start of a summer of activities designed to give the people a voice and to show politicians what 'the will of the people' means today."

She concludes: "It will become obvious that the nation feels differently than it did 22 months ago, and that Parliament must reflect that change. Let's hope the media also pays attention. Those that choose to ignore this growing movement for a final say on the deal could well be left with egg on their faces."

Bremain in Spain is a group campaigning for the UK to remain in the European Union and to protect the rights of British migrants living and working in Spain. Run by a team of volunteers and chaired by Sue Wilson - a resident of the Valencian Community - the group advocates a tolerant and outward-looking society. It believes this is best achieved by the UK remaining a member of the EU. Bremain in Spain is part of the British in Europe coalition of 10 UK citizens' groups across the EU. It is also affiliated to Britain for Europe and European Movement.

Bremain in Spain
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