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Bremain in Spain Comments on the People's Vote March

25 June 2018
by eub2 -- last modified 25 June 2018

Bremain in Spain, a group campaigning for the rights of British citizens in Spain and the EU, comments on the success of Saturday's People's Vote March in London.


The march for a People's Vote on whatever Brexit deal is proposed by Theresa May's government was the biggest anti-Brexit protest to date, drawing a crowd estimated at over 200,000 people and featuring a major rally with speakers including Gina Miller, David Lammy and Caroline Lucas, as well as comedians Andy Parson and Tony Robinson, better known as Baldrick from the Blackadder TV series. Robinson raised a huge roar from the crowd when he concluded by announcing that he has "a cunning plan".

The march was attended by organisations including Open Britain, Best for Britain, the European Movement UK, Britain for Europe, Our Future our Choice, For our Future's Sake, Healthier In, Scientists for EU, Trade Deal Watch, Wales for Europe, In Facts, and many more.

Bremain in Spain marched alongside other groups from the British in Europe coalition, which represents the interests of UK citizens in the EU, and also with various EU citizens' groups in the UK. These included The 3Million, Españoles de Reino Unido and In Limbo.

The march began at London's Pall Mall at 12.00pm and finished in Parliament Square.

Sue Scarrott, Bremain in Spain Council member, says of the event: "It was an amazing day. Young and old, families, all united in their passion that the People's Vote is the only way forward to make an informed decision on the deal. Let us see what the 'will of the people' really is."

Elspeth Williams, also of Bremain Council, adds: "What made the People's Vote march special was not only it being massive but that there were so many people who had never marched before who had appeared to support a People's Vote."

Bremain in Spain chair, Sue Wilson, comments: "Bremain in Spain members went to enormous lengths to be at the march, travelling from Spain and also France, Germany, Portugal and Italy. The sheer numbers that turned up shows that we refuse to give up and we're not going to 'get over it'. Recent polls suggest that even a third of Leave voters now support the need to see the deal before stepping into the abyss. Half of the people polled support a further vote, with only 25% opposed to the idea."

She adds: "Who on earth would ever sign up to a deal without knowing what it looks like first? No company would ever do that so why would a country do it? The government, stuck in its own rhetoric, needs to wake up and see what 'the people' are saying now."

Another large protest march is planned for Saturday October 20 in London. Bremain in Spain will again be marching, with a large number of supporters.

Bremain in Spain is a group campaigning for the UK to remain in the European Union and to protect the rights of British migrants living and working in Spain. Run by a team of volunteers and chaired by Sue Wilson - a resident of the Valencian Community - the group advocates a tolerant and outward-looking society. It believes this is best achieved by the UK remaining a member of the EU. Bremain in Spain is part of the British in Europe coalition of 10 UK citizens' groups across the EU. It is also affiliated to Britain for Europe and European Movement.

Bremain in Spain
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