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You are here: Home The Brexit debate What does Brexit mean for the UK tech industry?

What does Brexit mean for the UK tech industry?

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Following the result of the EU referendum this morning, Aftab Afzal, SVP & GM EMEA at NSFOCUS IB commented:

"Brexit will have impact on the industry as a whole. However it is too early to speculate on this being positive or negative. The coming weeks and months will be a telling time.  Cyber security is a global challenge and not EU specific.  With the vote being so close, the unrest will translate into some increased cyber attacks and organisations at the forefront should take extra caution.  As many cyber security vendors report dollar revenues, currency market volatility could see some prices increased.

I do not foresee any big changes short term in cross border collaboration in cyber security.  Longer term, the vendors with global research teams who contribute to intelligence communities will play a bigger role in cooperation, as cyber security has always been a global issue.

GDPR is just one of many compliance drivers that ensure sensitive and personal data is handled with care. Compliance is born from best practices and when or if the UK mandates a new data policy, the main tenants of GDPR will no doubt be considered as the Government has to ensure the public safety, both physically and virtually."

For any additional commentary, or to speak to Aftab, please do get in touch.

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