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Bremain in Spain says: No to Boris, Yes to Europe

22 July 2019
by eub2 -- last modified 22 July 2019

On Saturday 20 July, members of Bremain in Spain returned to London to join the 'No to Boris, Yes to Europe' rally and march on Westminster. Along with other anti-Brexit and citizens’ rights groups from across Europe, Bremain in Spain made its presence felt and its voice heard.


Sue Wilson, Bremain in Spain chair, said: "Over the last three years, British citizens in the EU and European citizens in the UK have been cruelly denied a voice on matters that affect them significantly. That's why it's important to take every opportunity to be seen and heard in Westminster. The EU will also be playing close attention."

Wilson was one of two onstage speakers representing #the5Million – the approximate 1.2 million British citizens in the EU and 3.8 million EU citizens in the UK. She spoke alongside Axel Antoni of the 3Million campaign group from the UK, showing solidarity with our EU friends and neighbours in the UK.

John Moffett, vice chair of Bremain - another regular marcher - said: "With the immediate prospect of a new, populist prime minister, it's more important than ever to take to the streets and demonstrate the benefits of EU membership. We're on the verge of either a general election or a People's Vote referendum, and it's key that the Remain voice roars, to show we're still here and are not giving up."

Before the march began, campaigners saw the launch of a specially-commissioned Boris blimp – an idea following the earlier success of the Trump baby blimp. The event organisers said: "We all know Boris Johnson's infamous promise of £350 million a week for the NHS was just a load of hot air. And yet he's about to float into the most powerful position in the land, based on nothing more than his over-inflated ego."

Wilson, addressing a crowd of over 100,000 people, pointed out: "We're here because a serial liar, largely responsible for getting us in this mess, is about to blag his way into number 10. However, Boris's days are numbered – he's about to become the shortest-serving prime minister in British history. Parliament is going to burst the Boris blimp, release the hot air and set his unicorns free."

Wilson concludes: "This event was special as it was organised by the grassroots for the grassroots, with not a politician in sight. We work best when we work together, and, on Saturday, we were a family – a large, vocal and very determined one!"

Bremain in Spain is a group campaigning for the UK to remain in the European Union and to protect the rights of British migrants living and working in Spain. Run by a team of volunteers and chaired by Sue Wilson - a resident of the Valencian Community - the group advocates a tolerant and outward-looking society. It believes this is best achieved by the UK remaining a member of the EU. Bremain in Spain is part of the British in Europe coalition of 10 UK citizens' groups across the EU. It is also affiliated to Britain for Europe and European Movement.

Bremain in Spain
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