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Brexit climate being reinvented and general market commentary

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Regarding Brexit climate being reinvented and general market commentary, Mihir Kapadia, CEO and Founder of Sun Global Investments, has said:

"One of the primary takeaways from Mark Carney's address yesterday is that the Brexit climate might be reinvented. The markets have been shifting and reacting haphazardly to news reports about Brexit without any substantial elements to it. These reactionary movements have been solely driven by investor fears over news reports floating in the media, and it is about time we dust our shoulders and move forward. The Governor of the Bank of England has now also admitted that the economic forecast for the UK would very likely be improved over the next month – a sign that the country hasn't slowed down.

The reality is very straight – Brexit is not the biggest threat in the EU region. Even under a hard Brexit, we can continue to operate in full confidence on our economy - especially on the financial services front. The only worst case scenario we have to account is of a sour Brexit – something politics and politicians handle. It is up to them to get us the best deal possible, and we are confident things will materialise.

If you look at the FTSE 100, it has closed on a record 12 day winning streak last night. While its currently looking downhill, it should not be a big concern as markets are always sporadic in their natural habitat. The current value of the pound is propelling our exports and pumping in international spending into the country. Times are changing and everyone has to reinvent themselves to catch up."

By Mihir Kapadia, CEO and Founder of Sun Global Investments

Sun Global Investments Ltd. is an international financial services firm based in London, providing a full scope of services to institutional investors, corporate companies, family offices and high net worth individuals. Established in 2008, in the midst of turmoil in the financial services industry, Sun Global identified lucrative investment opportunities in emerging market corridors and has since established itself as a trusted boutique firm for investors looking to take advantage of these versatile markets.

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