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22 May 2014, 18:09 CET
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Musk's conduct during Twitter bid always risked lawsuits and may prove to be "a very costly mistake"

Posted by Warwick Business School at 13 July 2022, 22:51 CET |
Filed under: Media, Finance, Internet

Expert comment from Warwick Business School

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Bank of England had little alternative to interest rate rise, but has increased pressure on Treasury over cost of living

Posted by Warwick Business School at 16 June 2022, 19:15 CET |
Filed under: Finance, UK

Expert comment from Warwick Business School

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'$43Bn is a lot to pay for a hobby, even for Elon Musk, amid questions about how he would add value to Twitter'

Posted by Warwick Business School at 15 April 2022, 00:12 CET |
Filed under: Media, Finance, Internet

John Colley, Associate Dean of Warwick Business School, former MD of a FTSE 100 company, and an expert on Mergers and Acquisitions, said:

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Treasury plans on net zero will increase transparency, but contain significant holes

Posted by Warwick Business School at 03 November 2021, 17:56 CET |
Filed under: Environment, Finance, UK

Commenting on the Government's plans requiring firms to show how they will hit net zero, Dr Frederik Dahlmann, Associate Professor of Sustainability at Warwick Business School said:

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GameStop drama has captivated Wall Street but company is not on right track to fulfill investors' hopes

Posted by Warwick Business School at 01 February 2021, 14:00 CET |
Filed under: Media, Finance

Christian Stadler, Professor of Strategic Leadership at Warwick Business School and author of the book Enduring Success on the world's outstanding corporations, said:

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Alarming oil prices will spark serious conversations for producers worldwide

Posted by Warwick Business School at 30 March 2020, 16:27 CET |
Filed under: Energy, Finance

Professor David Elmes, who leads the Global Energy Research Network at Warwick Business School and has more than 20 years experience in the energy and management consulting industries, said:

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Bank of England support on coronavirus gives UK advantage over EU countries

Posted by Warwick Business School at 19 March 2020, 23:20 CET |
Filed under: Health, Finance, UK

Expert comment from Dr Ivan Petrella, Associate Professor of Economics at Warwick Business School.

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Flybe faces struggle to raise finance as high costs force airlines into bankruptcy

Posted by Warwick Business School at 13 January 2020, 14:15 CET |
Filed under: Finance, airlines

Professor Loizos Heracleous, an aviation industry expert from Warwick Business School, said:

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Confrontation with EU over Italian budget will make government even more popular

Posted by Warwick Business School at 25 October 2018, 17:55 CET |
Filed under: Italy, Finance

Expert comment from the University of Warwick on the Italian budget and the EU, by Guglielmo Meardi, professor at Warwick Business School.

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Funding Options for SMEs Post-Brexit

Posted by EUbusiness at 11 September 2017, 17:50 CET |
Filed under: Brexit, SMEs, Britain, Finance

It's widely accepted that Brexit will have a major impact on the British economy but the slow progress of negotiations and lack of clarity is leading to growing frustrations across the business community.

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Will Brexit be the Last Straw for UK Engineering?

Posted by Tom Brown at 17 August 2017, 18:00 CET |
Filed under: Brexit, Britain, Finance

Brexit is a potential disaster for UK engineering. 85% of Engineering Employers Federation members believe we should be in Europe, the world’s largest developed market, which buys nearly half our exports, and which is the only one we can serve economically with ‘Just in Time’ (JIT) delivery which is essential for many products.

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High marks for investment plan creating jobs & growth in Europe

Posted by Nick Prag at 02 June 2016, 23:05 CET |
Filed under: Finance

The European Commission this week announced it would build on the successful first year of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), extending it beyond 2018.

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Old Member States Would Lose on Shortening of Cohesion the Most

Posted by Tomas Zdechovsky at 09 May 2016, 16:50 CET |
Filed under: Czech Republic, Finance

According to the surveys the Czechs take the most disapproving stand on the European integration in the European Union. However the resistance to the EU is not justified. The figures are more than clear. In ten years of the Czech membership in the EU the Czech Republic gained CZK 333 billion more than paid to the European budget. Moreover, according to the information from the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, at the end of the last year the overall positive balance increased to CZK 561.2 billion from 2004.

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EU offers investment court for TTIP

Posted by EUbusiness at 12 November 2015, 22:45 CET |
Filed under: Finance, USA, Trade

One issue in particular has been a thorn in the side of the ongoing talks between the EU and US over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) - the subject of investment protection and resolution of investment disputes.

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Connecting Europe aims for better use of public money

Posted by Nick Prag at 05 November 2015, 22:00 CET |
Filed under: Finance, Transport

The second year of the Juncker Commission continued this week with the investment theme, with the launch of a second call for proposals under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). This will provide more than EUR 7.6 bn for key transport projects, with EUR 6.5 bn earmarked for countries with Cohesion Fund eligibility.

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Update for Payment Services Directive opens way for safer and more innovative European payments

Posted by Nick Prag at 08 October 2015, 17:05 CET |
Filed under: SMEs, Consumer, Finance

The final hurdle to an upgraded EU payment services law was cleared on Thursday, when MEPs voted in the revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2). This aims to make payment transactions safer and terminate card surcharges.

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Mobility boost for Masters students

Posted by Nick Prag at 11 June 2015, 22:55 CET |
Filed under: Education, Finance

Students looking to take a Master's Degree in another EU country will be keen to look into a loan guarantee scheme offered by the highly successful Erasmus+ programme, as a new agreement worth some EUR 30 million was signed this week.

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Roadmap for a Capital Markets Union

Posted by Nick Prag at 19 February 2015, 18:00 CET |
Filed under: SMEs, Finance

The building blocks of the European Commission's 'Investment Plan for Europe' began to form this week, with the aim of unlocking funding for EU businesses and boosting growth with the creation of a true single market for capital.

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Caps on inter-bank fees for card payments good for consumers, good for retailers

Posted by Nick Prag at 05 February 2015, 19:20 CET |
Filed under: Consumer, Finance

It's taken a long time, but the European Parliament and the Council have finally agreed a deal on a regulation to cap interchange fees for card-based payments.

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EU budgets a touchy topic

Posted by Nick Prag at 30 October 2014, 16:00 CET |
Filed under: Finance

This week marks the last in the Barroso II Commission, and last week's summit was supposed to be a calm transition summit to a new regime at the EU's helm. Instead the stand-out topic of the summit, and of this last week, has been budgets, EU and national.

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