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Google pulled the plug on Google+ to avoid a scandal like Cambridge Analytica - expert comment

Posted by Warwick Business School at 11 October 2018, 00:17 CET |
Filed under: Data protection, Internet

Expert comment from the University of Warwick on Liam Fox's UK export strategy speech, by Mark Skilton, professor of practice and innovation systems management at Warwick Business School.

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Member States and businesses not doing enough for GDPR

Posted by Nick Prag at 01 February 2018, 23:45 CET |
Filed under: Data protection

With only a few months left before the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) comes into force, many businesses and EU Member States are not doing enough to prepare.

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US-EU data transfer deal set for speedy implementation

Posted by Nick Prag at 01 December 2016, 22:30 CET |
Filed under: USA, Data protection

The European Parliament gave its final green light to the historic EU-U.S. Data Protection 'Umbrella Agreement' on Thursday, despite concerns over whether president-elect Donald Trump might be less keen on its implementation.

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Europe need not be afraid of data

Posted by Nick Prag at 29 September 2016, 17:15 CET |
Filed under: Data protection, Internet

"Europe should not be afraid of data" said EU Commissioner Andrus Ansip at the Digital Assembly 2016 in Bratislava, Slovakia this week.

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Trade secrets directive: protecting companies from theft - and whistleblowers?

Posted by Nick Prag at 14 April 2016, 18:30 CET |

The new 'trade secrets' directive, passed by the European Parliament on Thursday, ensures protection for the work of journalists and whistle-blowers, says rapporteur Constance le Grip MEP. Not all are convinced.

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New, safe 'Safe Harbour' agreement needed urgently

Posted by Nick Prag at 15 October 2015, 16:55 CET |

MEPs from the Civil Liberties Committee have called on the European Commission to come up with safe alternatives to the EU-US Safe Harbour agreement, in the wake of the European Court of Justice ruling that the arrangement - used by companies like Facebook to send citizens' personal data to the US - was invalid.

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EU data protection rules set for overhaul

Posted by Nick Prag at 18 June 2015, 16:55 CET |
Filed under: Data protection, Internet

New data protection rules agreed by justice ministers this week give the Council a mandate to start talks with the European Parliament, now set for 24 June.

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Europeans have the right to re-use and exploit public information

Posted by Nick Prag at 17 July 2014, 18:05 CET |
Filed under: Media, Data protection, Internet

Europeans have a genuine right to re-use open public information. And this week the Commission issued a set of guidelines to help Member States take advantage of the revised Directive on re-use of public sector information.

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Data collection pervades our lives every day and more and more

Posted by Nick Prag at 30 January 2014, 14:20 CET |
Filed under: Data protection, Internet

Were you out celebrating Data Protection Day on Tuesday? Probably not. Maybe you shouldn't be. The issue of data protection pervades our lives every day and more and more.

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