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22 May 2014, 17:09 CET
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EU plastics law will put thousands out of work

Posted by EUbusiness at 14 December 2018, 11:55 CET |

The business of serving food and drinks in the EU is worth about €450 billion today, about 5% of EU GDP, and growing 5% annually.

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Expert comment on Google appealing its £2.2bn EU fine

Posted by Warwick Business School at 13 September 2017, 13:30 CET |
Filed under: Consumer, Competition, Internet

Zhewei Zhang, of Warwick Business School, Assistant Professor of Information Systems and researches digital innovation and design, comments on Google appealing its £2.2bn EU fine.

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Expert comment on inefficient vacuum cleaners being banned by the EU

Posted by Warwick Business School at 06 September 2017, 23:42 CET |
Filed under: Environment, Energy, Consumer

Frederik Dahlmann, of Warwick Business School, Assistant Professor of Global Energy, a researcher into the low carbon economy, comments on inefficient vacuum cleaners being banned by the EU.

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Single market gaps exposed by geo-blocking plan

Posted by Nick Prag at 26 May 2016, 23:30 CET |
Filed under: SMEs, Consumer

Geo-blocking, refusing to sell to people living in other EU countries, is to be outlawed under plans to boost e-commerce in Europe. But what this proposal does is to expose the many remaining gaps in the Single Market.

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New, safe 'Safe Harbour' agreement needed urgently

Posted by Nick Prag at 15 October 2015, 16:55 CET |

MEPs from the Civil Liberties Committee have called on the European Commission to come up with safe alternatives to the EU-US Safe Harbour agreement, in the wake of the European Court of Justice ruling that the arrangement - used by companies like Facebook to send citizens' personal data to the US - was invalid.

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Update for Payment Services Directive opens way for safer and more innovative European payments

Posted by Nick Prag at 08 October 2015, 17:05 CET |
Filed under: SMEs, Consumer, Finance

The final hurdle to an upgraded EU payment services law was cleared on Thursday, when MEPs voted in the revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2). This aims to make payment transactions safer and terminate card surcharges.

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New deal for energy consumers

Posted by Nick Prag at 16 July 2015, 17:50 CET |
Filed under: Environment, Energy, Consumer

Apart from Greece, a better deal for energy consumers was the theme of the week, as the Commission presented proposals aimed at delivering a new deal for energy consumers. These included a redesign of the European electricity market, updating energy efficiency labelling, and revising the EU Emissions Trading System.

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Are EU charges of unfair practices against Google fair?

Posted by Nick Prag at 16 April 2015, 18:35 CET |
Filed under: antitrust, Consumer, Internet

Internet giant Google again came under EU fire this week when the European Commission formally charged it with abusing the dominance of its search engine, while at the same time launching a sensitive probe into its omnipresent Android mobile phone operating system.

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Caps on inter-bank fees for card payments good for consumers, good for retailers

Posted by Nick Prag at 05 February 2015, 19:20 CET |
Filed under: Consumer, Finance

It's taken a long time, but the European Parliament and the Council have finally agreed a deal on a regulation to cap interchange fees for card-based payments.

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Allergy sufferers and fussy eaters to benefit from clearer food labelling from this weekend

Posted by Nick Prag at 11 December 2014, 17:05 CET |
Filed under: Food & Drink, Consumer

The provision of food information to consumers takes a major step forward in the EU this weekend, with a new mandatory food labelling system heading for Europe's supermarket shelves and restaurants.

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Commission reviews EU's animal welfare strategy

Posted by Nick Prag at 20 February 2014, 18:30 CET |

The European Commission marked the mid-point of the EU's Strategy for the Protection and Welfare of Animals 2012-2015 last week at a conference in Brussels which brought together key stakeholders to review achievements to date and identify challenges ahead.

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Consumer protection under discussion by MEPS

Posted by EUbusiness at 08 March 2010, 23:10 CET |

The EU's internal market will be under scrutiny on Tuesday, 9 March, when a series of reports will be debated by MEPs in Strasbourg. Among the issues being discussed will be ways of resolving disputes without legal action and improving people's knowledge of the options open to them. The debate will be held Tuesday from 0900 CET and can be followed live online.

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