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Post-Brexit, Imperiled Transatlantic Relationship More Important Than Ever

Posted by EUbusiness at 16 January 2020, 17:10 CET |
Filed under: Brexit, Britain, USA

The UK's impending departure from the European Union on January 31 creates at least one certainty. Following the Tories' resounding victory in the December parliamentary elections, any further talk of a second referendum is empty rhetoric; the idea was rejected at the ballot box.

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5 ways to balance profit with purpose

Posted by EUbusiness at 01 February 2019, 12:40 CET |
Filed under: Banking, Business

Influencers of many kinds gathered in Davos again recently to discuss the problems our world faces. More than ever, they looked to business to come up with solutions.

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UK not ready for no-deal Brexit: comment

Posted by EUbusiness at 20 December 2018, 23:15 CET |
Filed under: Brexit, Britain

Following the news that MPs have agreed to a dramatic escalation of preparations for a no-deal Brexit, Britain's leading business organisations have issued a stark warning that the country is not ready for such an outcome. John Perry, managing director of leading supply chain and logistics consultancy SCALA, outlines the actions businesses should be taking with just 100 days to go.

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EU plastics law will put thousands out of work

Posted by EUbusiness at 14 December 2018, 11:55 CET |

The business of serving food and drinks in the EU is worth about €450 billion today, about 5% of EU GDP, and growing 5% annually.

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Funding Options for SMEs Post-Brexit

Posted by EUbusiness at 11 September 2017, 17:50 CET |
Filed under: Brexit, SMEs, Britain, Finance

It's widely accepted that Brexit will have a major impact on the British economy but the slow progress of negotiations and lack of clarity is leading to growing frustrations across the business community.

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EU offers investment court for TTIP

Posted by EUbusiness at 12 November 2015, 22:45 CET |
Filed under: Finance, USA, Trade

One issue in particular has been a thorn in the side of the ongoing talks between the EU and US over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) - the subject of investment protection and resolution of investment disputes.

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Horizon 2020 - lift-off for EU research funding

Posted by EUbusiness at 05 December 2013, 14:15 CET |

Two major long-term EU funding programmes with important implications for growth and jobs got the go-ahead this week, with ministers adopting a new EU framework programme for research and innovation, Horizon 2020, as well as Erasmus+ for education, training, youth and sport.

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Consumer protection under discussion by MEPS

Posted by EUbusiness at 08 March 2010, 23:10 CET |

The EU's internal market will be under scrutiny on Tuesday, 9 March, when a series of reports will be debated by MEPs in Strasbourg. Among the issues being discussed will be ways of resolving disputes without legal action and improving people's knowledge of the options open to them. The debate will be held Tuesday from 0900 CET and can be followed live online.

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