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The ART to being a responsible company - CSR Data Networks

20 June 2003, 13:54 CET

The continual changing demands of the world and its people require companies to continually revise and revitalise their Corporate Responsibility Strategies. Employees demand more workplace satisfaction, health & safety and benefits. Investors demand greater returns on investment, activists demand retribution for company mishaps and the demands keep coming from all directions. Where does it stop and when will it stop. Firstly, we need to remember that we can?t be everything to everybody. Secondly, a responsible business is one that remembers what they are in business for and thirdly a responsible business is respectful to the environment, employees, suppliers and society.

The art of being a responsible company is encompassed into three areas: listen, interact and react. On the 24-25 September, 2003, an interactive event for corporate responsibility professionals will take place in London, UK and will provide a challenging curriculum of responsibility sessions which will allow CSR professionals to listen, interact and react. Each day comprises of 4 sessions involving 45 min case study presentations followed by 1 hour mediated sessions where participants are encouraged to develop their own personal development plan.

The 2 day curriculum will look at a diverse range of topics including: how the world dynamics are changing through growth in populations, increase in an older age group and shift in gender distribution and the impact this will have on businesses around the world.

BBC, Michael Hastings, Head of Corporate Responsibility, will talk about what drives corporate reputation and how you measure and manage such an intangible asset. Corporate Reputation is becoming critical into today?s business environment where companies are judged more and more on their intangible assets.

Max Barry the author of corporate satire "Jennifer Government" talks about the future of CSR: will it become a bolt-on pseudo-conscience, a PR exercise, or a genuine part of corporate thinking? He explores what the world might look like if corporations fail to add values to their value-add, and why that future should terrify us all. Naomi Klein, author of "NO Logo" has commented on the book as being both "Brilliant and hilarious".

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) cannot be ignored for corporations to be successful and reputable in business today and is specifically pertinent for professionals in large business organisations.

CSR Data Networks is leading the way in interactive events on Corporate Social Responsibility. Rather than traditional show-and-tell formats comprising hundreds of attendees and very little conversation, we provide an interactive, industry-specific forum which addresses the questions and viewpoints of the cross section of attendees. Theory is one thing, results are another, and the aim of this event is to empower attendees with the information and techniques they need for leadership and success in Corporate Social Responsibility. By sharing and comparing strategies with peers, attendees will gain new perspectives, uncover creative solutions and learn from the best practice of leaders in the field of corporate citizenship.

The roundtable will include 8 interactive sessions over 2 insightful days including:-

  • Fact & Fiction: a World without Corporate Ethics (Speech only)

  • What does Corporate Responsibility mean in a unipolar world? (Speech only)

  • Corporate Ethical Leadership - Going Beyond the Law (Speech Only)

  • Sustainable Development and the Changing Dynamics of the World

  • Developing high performance teams ? innovate before your workforce evaporates

  • Working with Suppliers ? a structured approach

  • Broadband Communications and stakeholder engagement

  • Successfully managing labour and human rights initiatives

  • Measuring the Environmental Impact on Information Technology and e-business

  • Stay on top of CSR measurement, reporting and accountability

  • CSR Reputation and brand image management ? a structured approach

For more information please visit The highly interactive discussion is reasonably priced at GBP 995 (inc. VAT) if booked before 31 July.
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