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Support for EU regulation on sales promotions - EU Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce

15 May 2003, 20:00 CET

In view of the debate concerning the proposed Regulation on Sales Promotions in the Internal Market, the EU Committee wishes to express its support for the essential aim of the draft Regulation on Sales Promotion and urges rapid adoption of a text that meets the single market objective.

It is our view that the proposal offers both consumer and business benefit as it recognizes the consumer interest in promotions and seeks to ensure consistent format for consumer information on promotions across the Union.

Consumers will be able to enjoy better offers and prices, whilst sales promotions are conducted in an open and transparent manner. The regulation will help free up the internal market for promotions, overcoming existing national barriers, and therefore boost competitiveness and establish a level playing field and legal certainty. This is particularly important from a Small and Medium Sized Enterprise point of view, for whom the disadvantages will otherwise increase even further when the enlargement of the Union takes place.

The EU Committee is of the opinion that a regulation will best ensure the direct effectiveness in Member States. The principle of mutual recognition is key and needs to be unconditionally included in the proposal, whereas sectoral bans and unjustified and disproportionate restrictions / measures should be avoided.

With this in mind, the EU Committee calls on all EU governments to welcome the opportunity to contribute to the further establishment and functioning of the EU internal market and to express support for this genuine single market initiative.

The EU Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Belgium is the key organization in Europe since 1976, representing the views of European companies of American parentage. Total US investment in Europe amounts to USD 640 billion (in 2001), and supports 3-4 million jobs. Our member companies are present in most Member States of the EU and represent roughly half of this investment. The EU Committee seeks to raise awareness of the economic, technological and social contributions made by its member companies in Europe, and of their continuing commitment to a competitive and sustainable European economy.

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