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Amcham EU presents industry priorities to Italian Presidency

"Good intentions - few results" - EEB environmental assessment of Greek EU Presidency

NGOs oppose relaunch of controversial business dialogue - Corporate Europe Observatory

The ART to being a responsible company - CSR Data Networks

Environmental NGOs Call for Ban on Paraquat - EEB

Helping businesses comply with the EU Data Protection Directive - CEN

Support for EU regulation on sales promotions - EU Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce

Combating dangerous substances at work - European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

Prodi Commission fails to protect us from hazardous chemicals - EEB

Making Europe a better place to live and work

UN Global Compact hardens stance - Ethical Performance

Environmental Management Systems inadequate tools in environmental product policy - EEB

NGOs pleased by European Parliament's call for mandatory pesticide use reduction - EEB

Spring Summit should take lead on Sustainability - EEB, ETUC and Social Platform

No Pvc or wood grom old-growth forests in EU Eco-Label for furniture - EEB

Now Italy prevents energy tax agreement - EEB

Eco-design proposals leading Product Policy astray? - EEB

More women at work, still with less pay - European Foundation

EP Transport Committee wants to reduce protection for overbooked air travellers - BEUC

CAP reform - BEUC recommendations

BEUC urges MEPs not to agree to put the cart before the horse

UK SMEs advise European Commission on better lawmaking process - smallbusiness|europe

Challenges for the European Social Model - Foundation Forum - European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions

How green is the Prodi Commission? - EEB

Call for breakthrough on EU energy - European Environmental Bureau

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EUbusiness Week no. 851
Time to speed up climate action
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The Week Ahead no. 523
EU summit: COVID-19, digital transformation, energy prices - relations with Gulf region, Eastern Partnership - Pandora Papers - Poland challenges to EU legal order and primacy of EU law - Farm to Fork Strategy - Sakharov Prize 2021

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