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What does the EU actually do? - EUbusiness Week newsletter 778


EUbusiness Week 778 top stories: Euro-MPs greenlight shareholder 'say on pay'; New whistleblower tool to help EU fight cartels; Gazprom reaches provisional gas deal with EU; Tougher EU gun law to close security loopholes; MEPs vote to stop trade in conflict minerals; Drinks industry asked for alcohol labelling proposal

Publisher's Note

This week, the EU tackled issues such as sanctions against Russia, revising EU gun law, conflict minerals, fighting cartels, tackling dangerous products and internet safety.

Last year, the EU took measures to boost jobs, growth and investment, a trade deal with Canada, migration and more - all reported in the 2016 General Report on EU activities out this week. Not the most thrilling bedtime reading maybe, but a perhaps surprising eye-opener for some. A bit late for voters in the Brexit referendum, or indeed for President Trump, unfortunately.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. Euro-MPs greenlight shareholder 'say on pay'

The European Parliament gave its green light Tuesday to a revised EU shareholders' rights directive, giving shareholders a say on directors' pay and making it easier for firms to identify their shareholders.
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2. New whistleblower tool to help EU fight cartels

A new tool launched Thursday by the Commission will make it easier for individuals to blow the whistle about secret cartels and other antitrust violations while maintaining their anonymity.
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3. Gazprom reaches provisional gas deal with EU

The provisional deal reached between Russian gas giant Gazprom and the EU Monday will enable the free flow of gas in Central and Eastern Europe at competitive prices, says the Commission.
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4. Tougher EU gun law to close security loopholes

An update to the EU's 1991 firearms directive, approved by Euro-MPs, includes tighter controls on blank-firing and inadequately deactivated weapons, such as those used in the Paris terror attacks.
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5. MEPs vote to stop trade in conflict minerals

The EU Parliament approved Thursday new rules to ensure that minerals used by European industries are sourced responsibly, diverting revenues away from rebel groups, conflict, and terror.
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6. Drinks industry asked for alcohol labelling proposal

Brussels has given the alcoholic drinks industry a year to develop a self-regulatory proposal that will provide information on ingredients and nutrition of all alcoholic beverages.
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Phone data: a telephone subscriber's consent to having their personal data published in one EU Member State makes it valid for another, the European Court of Justice has ruled.
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Parliament Watch

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Senior Planning Officer, European Asylum Support Office
Internal Market Affairs Officer, EFTA Surveillance Authority
Technical Expert, European Biodiesel Board
Communications Manager, European Forest Institute
Director, European Implementation Network
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