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UK interest is within the EU - EUbusiness Week newsletter 735


EUbusiness Week 735 top stories: Cameron pleads for 'credible' deal to keep Britain in EU; EU unveils plans to vet energy contracts outside bloc; Thousands march against cheap Chinese steel imports; German growth keeps EU economy steady amid global turmoil; Ikea tax under scrutiny after EUR 1bn underpayment claim; Would eliminating $100, 500 euro banknotes beat crime?

Publisher's Note

Ahead of the decisive European summit on the UK negotiations on EU membership, David Cameron held meetings with many interested parties, including EU leaders and politicians.

The summit's outcome will not change the minds of the anti-European British politicians using austerity and the migrant crisis to further their own interests. But the feeling in Brussels was that the result would enable Mr Cameron to convince the British people of the need to stay in the European Union, and to show that the only way to properly defend British interests is from within Europe. Summit latest:
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. Cameron pleads for 'credible' deal to keep Britain in EU

British Prime Minister David Cameron urged his European counterparts at the Brussels summit Thursday to reach a "credible" deal to keep his country from crashing out of the EU and settle the issue for a generation.
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The keys to Britain's EU membership
EU leaders press Turkey to curb migrant flow

2. EU unveils plans to vet energy contracts outside bloc

The EU has unveiled plans to vet energy contracts that Member States sign with countries outside the bloc as it seeks to cut dependence on Russian gas.
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3. Thousands march against cheap Chinese steel imports

Thousands of European steelmakers descended on the EU capital Brussels on Monday demanding that officials do more to stop the flood of cheap imports from China.
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4. German growth keeps EU economy steady amid global turmoil

Solid growth in powerhouse Germany kept the eurozone economy steady in late 2015 despite the buffeting from global market turmoil and a sharp slowdown in China, data shows, but the outlook is clouded.
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5. Ikea tax under scrutiny after EUR 1bn underpayment claim

The Commission has pledged to study a report claiming that Swedish furniture giant Ikea may have underpaid taxes by one billion euros between 2009 and 2014 due to aggressive tax strategies.
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6. Would eliminating $100, 500 euro banknotes beat crime?

Drug czars and terrorists could find their operations tougher -- or at least their gym bags heftier -- if proposals to eliminate high-value US and European banknotes gain traction.
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Austria: the EU told Austria Thursday to reconsider its plans to limit asylum claims which it warned would be "plainly incompatible" with European Union laws.
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Belarus sentences triple murderer to death
Latest news from the European Court of Justice
EU law firms
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

Belarus: foreign ministers agreed Monday to lift nearly all sanctions on Belarus, including against strongman President Alexander Lukashenko, after improvements in the country's human rights record.
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Spain will 'most likely' hold new elections June 26: Rajoy
Bosnia submits EU membership application
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Commission Watch

Taxes: the EU's top economic affairs official said Monday that companies should pay taxes where they earn profits, days after a report of another firm using aggressive strategies to lower their bill.
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EU throws attacks-hit Tunisia EUR 500 m lifeline
EU launches medical emergency corps
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Parliament Watch

UK: Parliament leaders offered their support over Britain's push for EU reform after meeting Prime Minister David Cameron Tuesday, his Downing Street office said.
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In committee this week, MEPs voted on draft plans to update an EU law on veterinary medicines, advocating banning collective and preventive antibiotic treatment of animals, and backing measures to stimulate research into new medicines. They also discussed how to make the integration of refugees into the labour market work, and Europe's readiness to tackle the Zika infection.
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EU diary

22-23 Feb: European Parliament Committee Meetings
23-24 Feb: Citizens' Energy Forum
23 Feb: Conference on enforcement in Europe without borders
24-25 Feb: European Parliament plenary session
24 Feb: Education, Youth, Culture & Sport Council
25 Feb: European social innovation competition 2016
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Communications Officer, European Endowment for Democracy
(Senior) Fraud Investigator, European Investment Bank
Head of Legal Services, European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Statistician, European Banking Authority
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Commission blind to renewables' potential
Annual CO2 reduction rate from trucks could be doubled via integrated approach
EC Heating & Cooling Strategy needs to do more on buildings
Commission holds key to end of EU trade in illegal timber
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