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The value of rail - EUbusiness Week newsletter 665


EUbusiness Week 665 top stories: New Ukraine president to sign EU economic pact June 27; IMF urges EU simplify 'complicated' budget rules; EU, South Korea join forces for faster mobile service; EU agrees plan to cap use of food-based biofuels; Disease-causing chemicals in everyday products cost EU; Danish bakers escape EU ban on cinnamon rolls

Publisher's Note

Passenger railway traffic in Europe has experienced a surge in growth since the mid-nineties, especially in the UK (+70%), Sweden (+42%) and France (+37%). But efficiency and service quality are still lacking in some Member States.

A bi-annual report on the European Rail Market underlines the importance of high-speed rail services, representing a quarter of all traffic in the EU. But bold measures are needed, says Commissioner Kallas: more competition and public tendering, and also streamlining vehicle authorisation procedures, more investment in infrastructure and boosting research and innovation in rail.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness

1. New Ukraine president to sign EU economic pact June 27

Ukraine's new pro-Western President Petro Poroshenko said on Thursday he would sign the crucial trade and economic relations portion of an historic EU pact in Brussels on June 27.
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EU in trouble unless Ukraine sharply boosts gas reserves
Alternative gas flow to Ukraine 'perfectly legal' says EU

2. IMF urges EU simplify 'complicated' budget rules

IMF head Christine Lagarde urged the European Union on Tuesday to simplify its "excessively complicated" budget rules that are rarely met by struggling economies and discourage investment.
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Italy and France deny seeking EU budget rule change

3. EU, South Korea join forces for faster mobile service

The European Union is teaming up with South Korea to develop a next-generation 5G wireless service quick enough to download full-length movies to a smartphone in seconds.
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4. EU agrees plan to cap use of food-based biofuels

The European Union agreed to limit the bloc's use of biofuels made directly from agricultural products after criticism they push up food prices and add to pollution.
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5. Disease-causing chemicals in everyday products cost EU

Disease-causing chemicals in everyday products from sunscreen to store receipts cost EU countries more than 30 billion euros in health costs, a study said on Wednesday.
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6. Danish bakers escape EU ban on cinnamon rolls

Denmark has escaped a feared EU ban on its much-loved cinnamon rolls by reclassifying them as a "traditional" food.
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Influence: Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso is to testify before the European Court of Justice next month over the resignation of a Commissioner in a tobacco-linked influence-peddling affair.
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Ex-Croatian spy chief ordered to stand trial in Germany
Belgium orders trial for 46 suspected radical Islamists
Latest Court of Justice judgements
EU Law Firms
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

Juncker: German Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated support for Jean-Claude Juncker as the Commission's next head Thursday but indicated a willingness to consider concessions to Britain, which opposes him.
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EU set to ban imports from annexed Crimea
Gulf nations postpone annual talks with EU
Council ...

Commission Watch

President: Finland on Wednesday put forward Jyrki Katainen for a job in the Commission in Brussels, with the former prime minister eyeing the EC presidency.
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EU to hold fresh talks with Turkey on membership bid
Aid not enough for slumping Ukraine economy: economist
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Parliament Watch

Conservatives: Belgium's powerful Flemish separatists joined an anti-EU alliance on Thursday led by British Tories that may become the third biggest European Parliament group.
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British eurosceptic leader Farage forms Parliament group
Four weeks after the elections, new MEPs are still arriving as they familiarise themselves with their work environment and get ready for their first plenary session on 1-3 July in Strasbourg.
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EU diary

23-27 Jun: EU Sustainable Energy Week 2014
23 Jun: Foreign Affairs Council
24-25 Jun: Scientific Support to the Danube Strategy
25 Jun: EU-US Ministerial Meeting on Justice & Home Affairs
26-27 Jun: European Council
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Long-term diary

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Aid not enough for slumping Ukraine economy 19-Jun
EU shelters Syrians but other refugees lag 19-Jun
Risks remain for Irish economic recovery: IMF 18-Jun
EU blocks Russian WTO complaint over trade duties 18-Jun
Patchy recovery in EU car sales continues 17-Jun
EU chief slams Bank of Spain errors in crisis 16-Jun
German inflation hits 4-yr low, Spain and Italy weak 13-Jun

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Present your organisation's business and product information, press releases, and calls for proposals directly to Europe's decision-makers
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Brussels set to ignore potential of energy savings
Chambers call for a pro-competitive energy and climate policy framework for 2030
Construction SMEs hope for more effective measures from the European parties
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Scientific Collaborators in European studies, Centre Virtuel de la Connaissance sur l'Europe
Administrative Assistant, Association of European Energy Exchanges
Energy and Climate Change Manager, European Chemical Industry Council
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5G mobile technology deal with South Korea
Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme (REFIT)
Tackling smuggling and fraud in excise goods: EU report
Sport - a growth engine for EU economy
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25 Jun, Brussels: MILESECURE-2050 - Transition towards Low Carbon Energy Society
30 Jun, London: Smi Group Peptides
28 Aug, Vienna: International Conference on E-Business
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Taxation trends in the European Union
The Euro Crisis and Its Aftermath
European Union & Public Affairs Directory 2014
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VAT number validation (VIES)


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