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The state of the Union - EUbusiness Week newsletter 796


EUbusiness Week 796 top stories: Brussels unveils its new 'progressive trade policy'; EU proposes screening of foreign investments; Gas-sharing move to secure EU gas supply; 'Free wifi for Europeans' plan gains MEPs' backing; EU Court upholds Italian farmer use of GM crops; MEPs look to shrink Euro-Parliament after Brexit

Publisher's Note

Under the lingering shadow of Brexit, MEPs welcomed the upbeat tone of Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker's state of the Union speech, in which he urged the EU to "make the most of the momentum to shape an ambitious future."

His ambitions included a European finance minister, cybersecurity, freedom and rights of workers, international trade and the Defence Union. Several MEPs were keen the EU should also listen to people's concerns over illegal migration, globalisation and multinationals, and create a Europe of "more opportunities, not more regulations".
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. Brussels unveils its new 'progressive trade policy'

Following the state of the Union speech, the Commission unveiled Thursday a package of trade and investment proposals, and announced its intention to open talks for trade agreements with Australia and New Zealand.
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2. EU proposes screening of foreign direct investments

As part of its new trade package, the Commission set out proposals Thursday to set up a European framework for screening foreign direct investment into the EU.
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3. Gas-sharing move to secure EU gas supply

Any EU Member State facing an urgent gas shortage will be able to trigger cross-border assistance from its neighbours under new cooperation rules approved by the EU Parliament.
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4. 'Free wifi for Europeans' plan gains MEPs' backing

A financial scheme for local wireless access points in the EU - free of charge and offered without discrimination - is on its way, following a vote by MEPs on Tuesday.

5. EU Court upholds Italian farmer use of GM crops

States cannot adopt emergency measures over genetically modified food and feed without evidence of a serious risk to health or the environment, the EU's top Court has ruled.
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6. MEPs look to shrink Euro-Parliament after Brexit

The European Parliament should be reduced from 751 to 700 MEPs, an EP committee urged Monday, with 22 British seats being re-distributed among the remaining 27 EU countries.
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Ryanair: the European Court of Justice ruled against Ryanair Thursday in its battle to consider its cabin crew as Irish under Irish law, in a case of air crew against Ryanair and its temporary staff agency Crewlink.
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