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The application of EU law - EUbusiness Week newsletter 828


EUbusiness Week 828 top stories: Trade tensions with US hitting EU growth; EU steps up monitoring of reforms as Greece normalises; Anti money-laundering rules enter into force; MEPs send copyright reform proposal back for rethink; MEPs back work-life balance reforms; Brussels cracks down on use of plastic toxins

Publisher's Note

Every year, the Commission draws up a report on monitoring the application of EU law. The 2017 edition reports that 716 infringement cases were launched, with the highest number being in the areas of the environment and transport.

Much law comes out of Brussels. But citizens and businesses fully enjoy the benefits of EU law only when it is effectively applied. When an EU State fails to comply with EU law or a complaint is made, it is the Commission's job to take action. As EC president Juncker puts it, "The law remains our best tool to fight for fairness, to defend our freedoms and to deliver for our citizens."
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. Trade tensions with US hitting EU growth

Growth is set to remain strong in 2018 and 2019, at 2.1 per cent this year and 2 per cent next year, according to the EU's latest economic forecast, but growing trade tensions with the US could hit growth.
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2. EU steps up monitoring of reforms as Greece normalises

The Commission has activated an enhanced surveillance framework for Greece to support implementation of reforms following the conclusion of its bailout through the European Stability Mechanism.
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3. Anti money-laundering rules enter into force

New EU rules against money laundering, which entered into force Monday, introduce stricter transparency requirements on the real owners of companies and strengthen the fight against terrorist financing.
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4. MEPs send copyright reform proposal back for rethink

The Euro-Parliament rejected Thursday a committee proposal to update EU copyright rules, including measures to monitor and filter uploads to the Internet some described as a 'vote for mass internet censorship'.
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5. MEPs back work-life balance reforms

Parliament's Employment Committee has given its backing to approved paternity leave, non-transferable parental leave and measures to boost women's chances in the labour market.
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6. Brussels cracks down on use of plastic toxins

The EU executive took action Wednesday to restrict the placing on the market of articles containing four phthalates found in a wide variety of everyday plastic products, from toys to sports equipment.
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Jehovah's Witnesses and GDPR: the processing of personal data carried out by Jehovah's Witnesses during their door-to-door preaching must respect EU law on the protection of personal data, the EU's top court ruled on Tuesday.
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Court upholds EC decision on state aid to Hinkley nuclear plant
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Council Watch

Eurogroup meeting - Bulgaria's path towards ERM II participation - EU budget for 2019: Council agrees its position - EU-NATO cooperation - EU-Ukraine summit - EU-Japan trade agreement - EU prolongs economic sanctions on Russia by six months
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Commission approves acquisition of LaudaMotion by Ryanair, UPC Austria by T-Mobile Austria; public funding for five ferry connections between Croatian islands and mainland; reductions of nuclear levy for electro-intensive users in Slovakia - Cambodia mission - EU and Georgia cooperation - Summer Interim Economic Forecast - Compliance with EU law - humanitarian aid to Somalia - External Investment Plan - Greek economy - 'Doing Less, More Efficiently' report - Spain must recover EUR 167m incompatible aid from postal operator Correos - Western Balkans Summit - Subsidiarity & Proportionality recommendations - humanitarian aid for Sahel - EU-Ukraine Summit - EU Trust Fund for Africa
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Parliament Watch

Consumer product quality: MEPs take aim at dual standards - Brexit Steering Group statement on UK government White paper - Single digital gateway - EP, Eurovision sign partnership for European Elections - Measures to reconcile career and private life - Austrian Presidency priorities - Cybersecurity Act - Measures to combat mobbing and harassment - Rule of law and protection of journalists - Quicker freezing and confiscation of criminal assets
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18 Jul: Civil society dialogue on trade, sustainable development
20 Jul: General Affairs Council (Art. 50)
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* Research Assistant for the European External Affairs Programme, European Centre for Development Policy Management
* Head of Global Policy and Advocacy, Transparency International
* Research Coordinator, Transparency International
* Project and Liaison Officer, EuroHealthNet
* Director, Internal Market, spiritsEUROPE
* Statistical and Policy Analyst, Migration Policy Group
* Policy Adviser, European Mortgage Federation - European Covered Bond Council
* Healthcare & Food Director, Burson-Marsteller
* Policy Support Officer, European Banking Authority
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* Greece post-programme framework to support normalisation
* European Travel Information and Authorisation System
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* 24 Oct, Helsinki: Biocides Day 2018
* 27 Nov, Amsterdam: High Level Conference on Drones 2018
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