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Support for creative Europe - EUbusiness Week newsletter 641


EUbusiness Week 641 top stories: EU offers Ukraine help with implementing association deal; EU nations agree rules on bank bailouts; Ministers agree foreign worker reforms; EU edges toward flight use of tablets, smartphones; Google competitors unhappy at its EU anti-trust remedies; S&P says 50 European banks need EUR 110 bn

Publisher's Note

Film-makers, authors, artists, in fact anybody working in the creative industries should be aware of Creative Europe, which launched this week. The new programme for the cultural and creative sectors brings EU cultural funding under one umbrella for the first time. Funding is increased 9 per cent to a total of EUR 1.4 billion over the next seven years. The programme's first calls for 2014 were announced on Wednesday. If you are looking to get a project off the ground, want to train your team to switch to digital technologies, or think you could increase your audience through marketing and circulation of work across borders, funding of EUR 170 million awaits your application.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness

1. EU offers Ukraine help with implementing association deal

The EU said Thursday it would help Ukraine implement the association pact they have negotiated, and offered to assist it to obtain an IMF loan.
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Opposition calls mass weekend rally as pressure mounts
Key points in Ukrainian protests

2. EU nations agree rules on bank bailouts

EU nations agreed new rules for bank bailouts or "bail-ins" late on Wednesday, the aim being to save taxpayers from paying for the rescue of ailing financial institutions.
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3. Ministers agree foreign worker reforms

EU employment ministers have agreed a series of measures meant to end tax and other abuses among foreign workers -- an increasingly sensitive issue just months ahead of European elections.
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4. EU edges toward flight use of tablets, smartphones

Long overdue in an increasingly connected world -- or the end of a precious oasis of peace -- the European Union on Monday took a first step to allowing expanded use of smartphones and tablets on aircraft.
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5. Google competitors unhappy at its EU anti-trust remedies

Google competitors say they are unhappy with the latest offer the US giant has made to satisfy EU complaints it is abusing its dominant market position in the Internet search market.
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6. S&P says 50 European banks need EUR 110 bn

The 50 biggest European banks need a total of EUR 110 bn to ensure that their shareholders' funds are strong enough to sustain their credit ratings, says Standard & Poor's.
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Romania: Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta Thursday called for a new vote on snap amendments granting lawmakers immunity from graft charges, after the United States and the European Union slammed the move.
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Latest Court of Justice judgements
EU Law Firms
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

Presidency: Greece's upcoming turn as EU president will focus on fostering growth, regulating immigration and promoting maritime issues with emphasis on undersea energy exploration.
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Finmins frustrated by Luxembourg, Austria bank secrecy delay
Ministers to hold extra 'Banking Union' meeting
Council ...

Commission Watch

Deficit: the Commission said on Tuesday that new EU member Croatia is in breach of rules on the public deficit and debt and will have to take measures to remedy the problem.
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EU aid to Palestinians needs 'overhaul:' auditors
EU halves aid to Bosnia over lack of progress
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Parliament Watch

Fishing: Parliament narrowly rejected Tuesday a ban on bottom-fishing trawlers, blamed by environmentalists for massive deep-sea destruction but defended by France and Spain.
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Parliament approves Morocco fisheries deal
MEPs back Frenchwoman Nouy to head new bank supervisor
Also this week, MEPs said that anyone legally residing in the EU should have the right to open a basic bank account, gave the greenlight to Erasmus+, the revamped version of Europe's most popular student programme, and called for concrete action to support the European aspirations of eastern partners.
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EU diary

13 Dec, Environment Council
13 Dec, Commission to propose a Quality Framework for Restructuring
16-17 Dec, Agriculture and Fisheries Council
16 Dec, Commission to propose Regulation to strengthen EURES, the network of European employment services
18 Dec, Commission presents air quality package
19 Dec, Governing Council meeting of the ECB
19-20 Dec, European Council
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