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Single Market Europe's best asset - EUbusiness Week newsletter 837


EUbusiness Week 837 top stories: Italy's draft budget plans rejected again by Brussels; EU agrees screening of foreign direct investment; Union continues to strengthen defence capability; More needed on plastics recycling, EU tells industry; EU cuts deep-sea fishing quotas for 2019-20; Mental health issues cost EU 4 pct of GDP: report

Publisher's Note

The Single Market is Europe's best asset to generate growth and foster competitiveness of European companies in globalised markets, the Commission said in a Communication this week, assessing remaining barriers and opportunities for a fully functioning Single Market. While the survey paints a positive picture of EU economies, protectionist, populist measures and local rules remain, as EuroCommerce puts it. There is a need for 'more political courage and determination than 25 years ago', says the Commission, as well as 'a renewed commitment by Leaders to all the dimensions of the Single Market'.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. Italy's draft budget plans rejected again by Brussels

The Commission confirmed its rejection of Italy's budget Wednesday, as it set out the EU's economic and social priorities for 2019, and presented Opinions on EU states' draft budgetary plans.
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2. EU agrees screening of foreign direct investment

"We are not na�ve free traders" said EC president Jean-Claude Juncker as he welcomed agreement by the institutions on screening incoming foreign direct investment to ensure security.
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3. Union continues to strengthen defence capability

The Council underlined its desire to enhance its strategic autonomy and capacity to act as security provider Monday, agreeing a number of projects under its PESCO defence cooperation programme.
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4. More needed on plastics recycling, EU tells industry

The Commission is looking for more commitments from industry on plastics recycling, following a preliminary assessment of voluntary pledges received from industry.
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5. EU cuts deep-sea fishing quotas for 2019-20

Fisheries ministers agreed Monday total allowable catches and quotas for certain deep-sea stocks in the EU and international waters in the North-East Atlantic for 2019 and 2020.
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6. Mental health issues cost EU 4 pct of GDP: report

Mental health and preventing mental illness have not only social consequences. They are estimated to cost more than 4 per cent of GDP across the EU, reports the 2018 'Health at a Glance: Europe.
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