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Simpler EU funding rules - EUbusiness Week newsletter 651


EUbusiness Week 651 top stories: Europe tells Russia reverse course or face consequences; EU takes aim at Germany's soaraway surplus; Brussels moves to close bank bonus loophole; Activists criticise EU 'blood metals' initiative; EU, Iceland and Nordic mackerel quota talks break down; Flood cost in EU may double by 2050: study

Publisher's Note

The European Commission adopted its 'Final Simplification Scoreboard' this week - a review of over 120 measures supposed to simplify EU funding rules for Europe's businesses, regions, scientists and NGOs.

The scoreboard, a monitoring of the legislative process, shows improvements such as a reduction in the overall number of programmes, clearer rules and objectives, simpler grant forms and a move towards a faster delivery of payments.

There is more to be done, however, and the Commission makes clear that, with 80 per cent of the EU budget implemented by Member States, these efforts need to be reflected in similar measures at national, regional and local level.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness

1. Europe tells Russia reverse course or face consequences

Europe's leaders on Thursday sharply condemned Russia's stand on Ukraine and warned it will ready targeted sanctions within days if Moscow fails to back off and join peace efforts.
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EU says to sign Ukraine association pact before elections
Europe less exposed to any Russian gas cut

2. EU takes aim at Germany's soaraway surplus

The Commission says Germany's huge current account surplus is a source of economic imbalance in Europe as Berlin appears to be admitting for the first time that there is a problem.
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EU places France under close watch over high deficits
ECB trims inflation, raises growth forecasts for 2014

3. Brussels moves to close bank bonus loophole

The Commission stepped up efforts Tuesday to prevent banks getting around EU limits on bonuses, by introducing new standards to identify traders and investment professionals who can make or break a lender.
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4. Activists criticise EU 'blood metals' initiative

Human rights activists say European efforts to stop the trade in so-called "blood metals" are a "step backwards" that won't prevent profits from minerals being used to fund conflicts.
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5. EU, Iceland and Nordic mackerel quota talks break down

Negotiations over mackerel fishing quotas have fallen apart, Iceland said on Thursday, extending a dispute dubbed "the mackerel war" that has been a thorny issue in the country's EU membership bid.
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6. Flood cost in EU may double by 2050: study

Floods may cost the European Union EUR 23.5 billion annually by 2050, double the 2013 amount, because of climate change and economic development, according to a study.
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Egypt: Latvia said Wednesday it expected Egypt to immediately release Al-Jazeera correspondent Peter Greste, a dual Australian-Latvian citizen, charged by Cairo with spreading false information and aiding terrorists.
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Latest Court of Justice judgements
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

Ukraine: the EU on Thursday froze the assets of ousted Ukraine leader Viktor Yanukovych, ex-premier Mykola Azarov and 16 former ministers, businessmen and security chiefs, all on grounds of fraud.
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French right backs Cameron on EU immigration curbs
West warns Libya instability hampering aid efforts
Last surviving signatory of Treaty of Rome dies
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Commission Watch

Cuba: Cuba has agreed to begin negotiations with the EU on normalizing ties after a decade of differences and sanctions, Havana's foreign minister said on Thursday.
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EU suggests Iceland can wait and see on membership bid
EU probes corruption claims at Turkish agency
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Parliament Watch

Socialists: European Socialists on Saturday anointed Martin Schulz as their candidate for Commission president, launching their campaign for elections in May with calls to fight unemployment and rising populism.
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Parliament head raps Member States over loss of trust
UK deputy PM to clash with anti-EU rival in public debates
This week, MEPs and the Council reached an informal agreement that EU legislation on aviation emission allowances will cover intra-EU flights until the start of 2017, and apply to all flights to or from the EU thereafter. Ahead of International Women's Day on 8 March, Parliament called for a common EU strategy to tackle violence against women.
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10-12 Mar, 9th European Annual Symposium - EU Funds 2014
10-13 Mar, European Parliament Plenary Session
10 Mar, Eurogroup meeting
14 Mar, Transport, Telecommunications & Energy Council
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