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Pressure mounts on social media - EUbusiness Week newsletter 820


EUbusiness Week 820 top stories: EU takes on social media over fake news; New EU rules to help companies grow in single market; Whistleblowers to be protected by EU law; After Dieselgate: EU car type approval rules tightened; Europe's AI efforts set for EUR 1.5bn boost; Mexico and EU agree revamped trade deal

Publisher's Note

The boundaries between social media and traditional broadcast media narrowed this week, as the EU moved against hate speech, fake news and a lack of control over social media. Rules agreed Thursday to protect minors and reinforce the battle against hate speech will apply irrespective of whether media content is consumed online or offline. They apply to video-sharing platforms, and on-demand services cannot escape either. As Sabine Verheyen MEP said: "By applying similar rules to similar services, irrespective of whether the media content is consumed online or offline, EU regulation is made fit for the digital era."
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. EU takes on social media over fake news

The Commission put forward measures Thursday to tackle fake news online, including a code of practice on disinformation, fact-checkers, and actions to promote quality journalism and media literacy.
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Online platforms to be more transparent under new EU rules

2. New EU rules to help companies grow in single market

EU companies should find it easier to merge, divide or move within the single market and to digitalise setting-up and running a business, under new company law rules outlined Wednesday by Brussels.
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3. Whistleblowers to be protected by EU law

In the wake of the Dieselgate, Luxleaks, Panama Papers and recently the Cambridge Analytica revelations, the Commission has proposed a new law strengthen whistleblower protection.
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4. After Dieselgate: EU car type approval rules tightened

Stronger supervision of the European car approval system has been voted in by the Euro-Parliament, giving the Commission the power to make sure manufacturers are no longer able to cheat on emissions.
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5. Europe's AI efforts set for EUR 1.5bn boost

The EU is to boost investment in artificial intelligence by EUR 1.5 bn, Brussels announced Wednesday, part of a package of measures to boost Europe's competitiveness in the field of AI.
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6. Mexico and EU agree revamped trade deal

Almost all trade in goods between the EU and Mexico are to be duty-free, including in agriculture, following Saturday's agreement on a new trade deal, part of a broader, updated global agreement.
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Messi: Lionel Messi, the world's best-paid footballer, can register the trademark 'MESSI' for sports equipment and clothing, the EU's top Court ruled Thursday despite a Spanish company's 'MASSI' trademark.
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