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New film support rules - EUbusiness Week newsletter 637


This Week's Top Stories

1. EU puts Germany in the dock over export success
2. EU, US return to trade talks under spy scandal cloud
3. Ukraine EU deal in jeopardy after parliament stalemate
4. Eurozone recovery slows as France contracts
5. EU set to improve rights of foreign seasonal workers
6. EU follows US in allowing portable electronics in-flight

Publisher's Note

State aid rules for the film industry were this week revised in a new Cinema Communication, which extends the scope for state aid from film production alone to all phases of an audiovisual work. Multi-state co-productions are also now able to receive aid of up to 60 per cent of the production budget.

Member States currently provide film support to the tune of around EUR 3bn every year - with France, the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain offering the most. The new rules will contribute towards ensuring the film industry's continued viability and competitiveness. They underline the importance of a vibrant audiovisual scene in shaping European identities as well as reflecting the EU's cultural diversity.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness


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1. EU puts Germany in the dock over export success

The Commission put Germany in the dock Wednesday, saying its runaway export success may harm a fragile EU economic recovery and does little to cut soaring unemployment.
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EU States, Parliament finally set for 2014 budget deal

2. EU, US return to trade talks under spy scandal cloud

The EU and United States have at last sat down to a second round of talks on the world's largest free-trade accord, despite damaging revelations of US spying on its allies.
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South Korea, EU see trade boost as way out of crisis

3. Ukraine EU deal in jeopardy after parliament stalemate

Ukraine's prospects of signing a historic deal with the European Union are in some jeopardy, after parliament failed Wednesday to agree a bill that would allow the release of jailed ex-premier Yulia Tymoshenko.
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4. Eurozone recovery slows as France contracts

Official data shows a tepid eurozone recovery slowing to a 'snail's pace' in the third quarter, with powerhouse Germany off its stride and France hit by a surprise contraction.
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5. EU set to improve rights of foreign seasonal workers

Seasonal workers from outside the EU are set to get better conditions, including a minimum wage and accommodation, under a deal between the European Parliament and national delegates.
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6. EU follows US in allowing portable electronics in-flight

The European Aviation Safety Agency said Wednesday it will allow passengers to use a range of mobile electronic devices in flight with very few restrictions.
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Ukraine: the lawyer of imprisoned Ukrainian ex-premier Yulia Tymoshenko was to appear in court on Tuesday in a domestic violence case that the opposition denounced as a bid to torpedo the signing of a key deal with the EU.
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EU prosecutor charges 15 Kosovo ex-rebels for war crimes
Latest Court of Justice judgements
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

Banking secrecy: Luxembourg is warning EU finance ministers they will be wasting their time if they try to secure a deal for an early end to banking secrecy at two-day EU talks.
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EU to mull Italy call for campaign against human traffickers
EU leaders urge swift response to youth employment crisis
Boxer Klitschko vows to 'knock out' Ukraine leader in poll
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Commission Watch

France: France's fiscal policy has "reached the limits of acceptability", with high company taxes weighing on growth, the Commission's president told French television on Monday.
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Commission backs trade Commissioner caught in tax-fraud case
EU urges Turkey to respect diversity after dorm row
EU ups Philippines typhoon aid to EUR 13m
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Parliament Watch

Budget 2014-20: the EP's budget committee has cleared the trillion-euro 2014-20 EU budget that includes a first ever spending cut, paving the way for its full approval next week.
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EU envoy warns Ukraine risks losing deal indefinitely
French, Dutch far-right launch eurosceptic alliance
Euro-MPs urge rethink on 'guidelines' with Israel
Also this week, Parliament and Member State negotiators agreed draft EU legislation to reduce the riskiness of insurance firms' investments - and taxpayer exposure to them. At the ninth NSA inquiry hearing on the mass surveillance of EU citizens, Microsoft, Google and Facebook managers denied giving the NSA or any government in the world direct or unfettered access to their servers.
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EU diary

15 Nov, Economic and Financial Affairs Council
18-21 Nov, European Parliament plenary session
18 Nov, Foreign Affairs Council
20 Nov, Commission adopts monthly infringements package
22 Nov, Eurogroup
25-26 Nov, Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council
25-Nov, European SME Week
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Other news on EUbusiness this week

Ireland to go it alone after bailout exit 14-Nov
Spain to make clean exit from bank bailout in January 14-Nov
Gazprom warns Europe about Ukrainian gas transit 14-Nov
Croatia says deficit to swell to nearly double EU limit 14-Nov
Israel proposes deal for EU science funding: report 13-Nov
NGO asks EU to not buy Paraguay beef 12-Nov

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