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Making our cities smarter - EUbusiness Week newsletter 639


EUbusiness Week 639 top stories: No deal yet with Ukraine at EU-Russia tug-of-war summit; EU lays down data protection steps for US; Eurozone economic confidence up, shows signs of slowing; Israel, EU agree on scientific cooperation; WTO backs EU in seal ban battle with Canada and Norway; EU suspends South Africa citrus fruit imports

Publisher's Note

As cities the world over grapple with the challenge of how to grow as hubs of economic activity and at the same time become cleaner and healthier to live in, the Commission announced at a conference on an EU "Smart Cities Strategic Implementation Plan" that it would launch an 'Invitation for Smart City and Community Commitments' next spring to mobilise work on the action plan's priorities. 'Smart Cities' which use innovative, integrated technology services and infrastructure are the ones that will best be able to respond to the socio-economic needs of society. With funding of around EUR 200m likely to be available next year, the main challenge is, as always, to move from plan to action.
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Nick Prag
Publisher, EUbusiness

1. No deal yet with Ukraine at EU-Russia tug-of-war summit

European Union leaders failed to convince Ukraine to sign a landmark political and trade deal on the first day of an EU summit Thursday designed to draw six ex-Soviet states into the Western fold.
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China, East Europe pledge to boost ties, heed EU rules

2. EU lays down data protection steps for US

The EU has laid down steps Washington must take to restore trust after a huge spy scandal, including giving EU citizens the right to US legal redress to protect personal data.
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3. EU addresses concerns over 'benefit tourism'

The Commission outlined Monday proposals to tackle abuse of the right to free movement enjoyed by EU citizens, which critics claim has led to people migrating to gain benefits in richer states.
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4. Israel, EU agree on scientific cooperation

The EU and Israel have reached an agreement which enables the Jewish state to participate in a European-funded scientific research program after a compromise on settlement funding.
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5. WTO backs EU in seal ban battle with Canada and Norway

The WTO on Monday ruled in favour of the European Union in a bitter battle with Canada and Norway over its ban on the import and sale of seal products.
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6. EU suspends South Africa citrus fruit imports

The Commission has suspended imports of citrus fruits from South Africa - which account for about a third the EU's total - on concerns 'black spot' disease could infect local crops.
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Illegal fishing: the Commission is urging Member States to hit Belize, Cambodia and Guinea with trade sanctions over illegal fishing, and warns SKorea, Ghana and Curacao they may be next.
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Shipwreck refugees seek redress against Belgium, NATO
Council of Europe warns of 'chilling' risk to Turkey freedoms
Latest Court of Justice judgements
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Inside the EU Institutions

Council Watch

Italy-Russia: Italy and Russia unveiled a 1-billion-euro joint investment fund on Tuesday as President Putin met with Prime Minister Letta to discuss boosting business ties.
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France, Spain seek European push for jobs, growth
Bulgaria hits back at Britain's EU migrant plans
EU hails 'courage' of Iran deal, urges implementation
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Commission Watch

Budgets: the eurozone has warned five countries led by Spain and Italy to deliver on promises to hit deficit and debt targets in national spending plans next year.
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Top Hungary banker calls on Rehn to resign
EU to give Haiti $25.1m in humanitarian aid
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Parliament Watch

Greece: Parliament President Martin Schulz said Tuesday he was in favour of providing additional aid to Greece if the debt-wracked country achieves a primary surplus.
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Corruption sentence overturned for Austrian MEP
In committee this week, MEPs endorsed a draft law to make broadband infrastructure cheaper to build, by enabling firms to share plans and costs with firms in other sectors, such as gas, sewage and transport; as well as a law that could bar non-EU firms from bidding for public procurement contracts in the EU unless their home countries allow EU firms reciprocal access to their own public procurement markets.
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EU diary

2-3 Dec, Competitiveness Council
2 Dec, EUROSUR enters into force
3 Dec, European Day for People with Disabilities
3 Dec, Conference on anti-fraud and anti-corruption measures in relation to the use of European Structural and Investment Funds
4-6 Dec, 4th International Colloquium Scientific and Fundamental Aspects of the Galileo Programme
4 Dec, Commission to propose a Quality Framework for Traineeships
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